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[Music News:] Utech Records Update



RM74 Spineless Video Premier

CVLT Nation has premiered the VIDEO for “Spineless” from the RM74 album Two Angles of a Triangle.
The 2xCD is available for purchase HERE.
Thank you Sera Timms.


Digital Site

The Arc Series is now available on the DIGITAL site along with the following titles.
Mats Gustafsson Bengt
Frank Rosaly Centering and Displacement
Graves and Orchestra Pits
Oikos Ecotono
Mamiffer/House of Low Culture split
Suzuki Junzo Ode to a Blue Ghost
Philippe Petit Una Symphonia Della Paura
Masayoshi Urabe Kampanerura



These titles are new to the MAILORDER and are available for purchase now.
Pyramidal Dawn in Space cd
Sachiko Bird Songs In A Deep, Hollow Tone cdr
Dead Neanderthals Jazzhammer/Stormannsgalskap 10″
The Observatory “Catacombs” 2xLP/CD



Watch for these titles in spring 2013.
Pan Gu Primeval Man Born of the Cosmic Egg LP
Dead Neanderthals Polaris cd
The Stargazer’s Assistant Mirrors and Tides, Shivers and Voids 2×10″
Jacob The Ominous cd
Keiko Higuchi cd

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