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[Music News:] Cold Spring presents: INADE / AX / IRON FIST OF THE SUN, 16th March 2013 @ The Garage, London

MURDEROUS VISION & FASCIST INSECT – ‘Primordial Beings From Dimensions Unknown’ LP
(Live Bait Recording Foundation) – £14
A pitch-black melding of pure Cleveland extreme industrial and experimental metal filth! Across two sides, veteran Death Industrial act Murderous Vision and grindcore / psychedelic noisecore outfit Fascist Insect collaborate on four nasty tracks that meld walls of dark synths and processed guitars with outbursts of bleak primitive metal. Ltd x 250 copies on clear vinyl. Packaged with a pro-printed jacket and full lyrics insert and hand-numbered in human blood. Grim.
GHOST TIME – ‘Ghost Time’ CD (Hinterzimmer) – £11
Ghost Time is Ken Hyder, Z’EV, Andy Knight. This is a unique trio, fusing tastes of ambient and drone with spices of neofolk and jazz into Dead Jazz. A true witch’s brew where everything is of the moment. As a group they allude to traces of greatly diverse influences and traditions. Bass lines are drawn from the Ceol Mor – the ancient tradition of Scottish Pibroch, the music of laments. Ken’s vocals use elements of Canntaireachd, a vocalisation of bagpipe playing, as well as Khoomei, a Siberian form of overtone singing. Z’EV uses alto and baritone rolmos – Tibetan ritual cymbals which generate a rich range of overtones – and Ken uses tenor rolmos. As you listen, you might get a feeling of something you’ve felt before. A hint of music you might have caught on the wind, off the water, in your sleep, or in someone’s eyes. Every faint glimpse lingers awhile before it slips away. Comes in a chipboard, gatefold sleeve.

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HUATA – ‘Atavist Of Mann’ CD (Mordgrimm) – £10.50
Satan’s disowned children are once again slipping on their hoods and frocks to give birth to one of the dirtiest and heaviest sludge/doom record of recent times. “Atavist Of Mann” is the debut album from Brittany’s Huata. Recorded in the middle of nowhere, this slow procession of anvil riffs, of liturgical atmospheres played with Hammond organ and clean vocals sung by the devil himself, will pervert the most innocent souls. Seven tracks and 60 minutes of music that crown a band who has been able to go to the very bitter end of its process, musically as well as aesthetically. Discover the occult side of the modern history, satanic truth about commanders and sects chiefs, holy quests and processions through infernal lands, and great prophecies to come. Ltd x 500 copies in a gatefold digisleeve.