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Split – Creation through Destruction / Black Leather Jesus

ctd blj

This split CD puts Creation Through Destruction and Black Leather Jesus together on one album. It is Creation Through Destruction’s second release since their last split with Astro. Creation Through Destruction is the harsh noise project of Aleksandar Nenad who has also been prolific in releasing as Dead Body Collection and Dr. Aleksandryuki. Nenad has been actively releasing in some form since 2008, having been active since 2012, CtD seems to be Nenad’s newest project. Texas-based Harsh Noise project Black Leather Jesus has been active two decades longer since 1989 and is centered around Richard Ramirez who has been involved many projects, most notably Werewolf Jerusalem and Black Leather Jesus. Ramirez has been actively releasing material in some form since 1992. BLJ features a revolving cast of other members who appear on different recordings; this includes our own Joseph Gates. The release is also from the Lithuanian Terror label.

Nenad’s other project Dead Body Collection was featured on Terror’s brilliant Kad Te Moja Čakija Ubode compilation to which Creation Though Destruction would have been a welcome addition; “Uncertainty Principle”, the opener for this album, stands as proof. This is a dense wall, an instant whirlwind of static, dense blasting noise. The mass of sound shifts to lower levels before rising again. Screeching feedback and sharp harsh noise subtly cut in to the work and cause noticeable shifts in the work. The overall assault of the noise uses layers of distortion, continual cutting in from various harsh sounds, with rises in feedback and resonating echo. “Uncertainty Principle” is a wall of noise that is not about what happens behind the initial wall but the additions and changes to its layered density.

“Stellar Magnetic Field” is a far choppier sound and because of the effectiveness of this, it functions at lower levels compared to those of “Uncertainty Principle”. This is also a far more rapid in the level of shifts throughout the track and stands as a big contrast to the previous track. However, “Stellar Magnetic Field” does rise with some impressive dynamic violent assaults at various points within the field. As with “Uncertainty Principle”, “Stellar Magnetic Field” is partially about the cuts in sound, but mostly about the faltering of its peaks, it does not have that consistent mass of sound; it cannot retain such peaks, it is this that adds consistent impressive detail and focus.

Black Leather Jesus’ “Stall Exhibitionists” functions with a full dense distortion that is paralleled at different times by a shifting variety of sharp noises. These parallels begin to split up and the noises cut across the main wall to form a wider circle of chaos around the sound. It is as if “Stall Exhibitionists” started tidily, but becomes a lot more impressive as it gets messier. Some more fluid noises begin to weave themselves into the chaos to solidify everything re-establishing order in the end.

“Bearfighter” splatters into action and builds up over repetitive humming and intensifies through distorted noise, like Creations’ “Stellar Magnetic Field” this is also a lot choppier in its’ texture. As the longer Black Leather Jesus track, “Bearfighter” shifts across various movements; Noise whistles through the mass of sound occasionally as cuts in the wall of distortion become a lot more manic and dramatic. The main assault of sound purposely dips at times to allow a big overall rise of sound to rebuild the entire wall.

This album continues the high standard of releases that have so far come from the Terror label. It contrasts a newer Harsh Noise project (Creation Through Destruction) and a veteran of the movement (Ramirez/Black Leather Jesus). Both artists contribute synchronized yet contrasting tracks (fuller walls and broken walls). The Creation Through Destruction material has a dynamic full on overall assault, yet demonstrates good subtle shifts of sound. CTD are also starting to develop interesting minor details within their work. In contrast, the Black Leather Jesus material is immediately more layered with a wider range between its different elements. Good work!

Track List:

01) Creation Through Destruction – Uncertainty Principle.
02) Creation Through Destruction – Stellar Magnetic Field.
03) Black Leather Jesus – Stall Exhibitionists.
04) Black Leather Jesus – Bearfighter.

Rating: 3.5/5
Written by: Lazrs4
Label: Terror.lt (Lithuania) / TR14 / CD