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[Music News:] Linear Bells' "Winter Haze" Out Now Via The Sirens Sound



is officially OUT !!

Proudly presented by “The Sirens Sound”, [ Winter haze ] was composed and produced over a period of 6 months whereby it was practised over improvised sessions followed by processing all the materials with the use of guitars, organ and field recordings. Winter Haze is part of a new series “RIVER LOIRE”. The pre-sequel started with [ EX KISS ] and a follow up of SUMMER HAZE.

[ Winter haze ] is about loneliness, time passing, and frozen thoughts with the idea of keeping River Loire in mind. It is the most prominent work from D. Teboul keeping the sound as blurry and obscure as possible. Linear Bell’s music has always moved me in many ways.  Since I’ve known this moniker and from his debut album I’ve always had an open-mind and inclined to listen to much more. Basically everything that has ever been written by “David Teboul” is ecstatic and outstanding; there is no denying that the music he creates is something else, something totally out of this world.

In possession of a catalogue of over 11 releases and with a wide spectrum of sound covering mainly ambient and sound-scape atmospheres I was wondering what would Linear Bell’s next move be. And to my surprise, this follow up album of [ Summer Haze ] that is [ Winter Haze ] goes far beyond my imagination as David revives the trace of solid electric guitars and synth. [ Winter Haze ] contains four marvellous songs and with an opening of a twenty-three minute movement, it’s more of a journey that goes over and above all expectations. [ Hammock ] fans will have a lot to dig on this one. [ More information’s available on http://thesirenssound.com ].




CD + Digital.

Title: Winter Haze
Release Date: 2nd Feb 2013
Written, Recorded and Processed: David Teboul
Mastered at Sage Audio, Nashville TN.
CD Artworks: Peter Nejedly.
Distribution: BandCamp. Format : Pro Digipact CD of 100 Edition and Digital.

Track List :
1.    Frozen Red Lips [ 23:08 ]
2.    Outside Me [ 13:42 ]
3.    Rain Snow Alcool [ 13:45 ]
4.    Winter End [ 09:15 ]