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Heathen Harvest Exclusive: New Black Leather Jesus / Crowhurst Split Streaming Now!

Crowhurst, Black Leather Jesus Split

The Heathen Harvest Periodical is proud to announce an exclusive stream of an upcoming split tape from Sounding Session Records involving a legendary noise ensemble in Black Leather Jesus, and one of the more unique new names in dark ambient, Crowhurst. Featuring two tracks spanning 35 minutes, this tape is slated to bring forth a new dimension of extreme sound, finding two opposite yet similar sounds colliding from different polar stances within the post-industrial underground.

Crowhurst’s side features the trio of Jay Gambit, Bryan Schuessler, and Angel Ortega whom have utilized an array of resonators, various effects (delay, chorus, distortion, etc.), found sound, guitar, and electric organ, all in one improvised take.

Black Leather Jesus, for their track, featured seven members utilizing sheet metal, chains, radios, field recordings, found objects, abused guitar, and other various electronics, also improvised.

The tape isn’t available quite yet, but keep an eye on the Sounding Session Website for purchase when it is.


Side A – Crowhurst, “Untitled”:

Side B – Black Leather Jesus, “Untitled”: