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Rudy Adrian – Distant Stars


Space, that glorious final frontier that lurks just beyond our quite insignificant existence on this terrestrial globe and also a collaborator and inspiration for musicians since the days the old gods walked the earth. Rudy Adrian is a composer of electronic music from New Zealand with a vision that stretches far beyond the ken of men and with Distant Stars we get to explore the fantastic vistas that stretch far beyond the grasp of mother earth. The music is what you’d expect from an album exploring the ambient nature of space and time and more. The floating feeling of zero gravity, the dark edge of the cosmos, and the infinite loneliness of fathomless space, this and more is contained in this album of about 75 minutes. 

Distant stars opens up with just that slow and sweeping feeling that summons a vision of someplace far away in the midst of the open black void in between the galaxies. The track builds and slowly transforms into a journey through nothingness. At parts the album is foreboding and dark enough to almost overpower your senses but it always stays just on the border to turning the album dark. The lighter swirling parts of the tracks are otherworldly and feel quite ethereal in their soothing resonance but here and there the droning landscapes burst and change with a rippling spectrum of harmony. Each passing song weaves more and more intricate layers and by the time the last track slowly fades to nothingness you drift back to this cold and unforgiving world. It is amazing how far one can travel in roughly 70 minutes of our earthly time.

In the end I must say that I was impressed by Distant Stars. The composition is brilliant and it really shines in its alien yet relatable atmosphere. It is a strong and potent album that really works best if you are in that deep and meditative mood that borders to darkness and lucid dreams. Ambient music is usually a quite personal thing, either you lose yourself to the drifts or you just don’t get it and since I am a lost dreamer trapped in this horrible waking world Distant Stars is a doorway to the endless horizons of space and beyond. It is a journey to the depths of my innermost sanctums, a balm for a tired soul. Rudy Adrian has really mastered the craft of distilling the majesty of deep space to harmonious deep ambient music.

Track List:

01 Distant Stars
02 Trajectory
03 Le Songe Du Singe
04 Voyage Through Darkness
05 Netherworlds
06 Entering The Temple Of Haruka Kawagishi

Rating: 4.5/5
Written by: Skarsnik
Label: Lotuspike  (US) / CD / LSM17