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Müldeponie – Mülldeponie, or the Other Side of Darkness​.​.​.


If done correctly, nostalgic music finds a way to both be a new experience and familiar territory. Müldeponie (FR) sounds like one of those projects that many of my favorite Black Metal artists had as a side project. Blakagir, and the much more known Wongraven come to mind; both another side of musicians whose music is usually much more abrasive. Mortiis, although his stint in the world of Black Metal was extremely ephemeral, is yet another whose early ambience was relevant in my youth. It is that typical heavy on the keyboard style, which seems so contrary to the tremolo picking madness, which is such a refreshing surprise and very calming. This is background music, perhaps for a ritual, or reading, or simply sitting in your room with a glass of wine and candles lit. While this does not sound exactly like the aforementioned artists, if I were to ask around for a ambient group made for fans of the Black Metal genre, this would be it. It is certainly an interesting phenomenon when an artist never heard before pulls the strings of nostalgia. It is simply so familiar, while still being new, that makes this something worth checking into.

These four tracks blend together for a serene background, which neither bores the listener nor is overly emotional. The dark side is a song for the Ravens, a lamentation for the Dead. This threnody is only mistaken in the use of the term ‘dark’, for this is simply the peaceful moment of no longer having to be in this human form, the release of spirit into the void of unknown. All terrifying aspects release like smoke into the air, leaving only the ashes and the soon to be forgotten tears of loved ones. A funeral bell lies over the tenebrous songs like a veil over a widows eyes, who weeping wipes her eyes with a black lacy handkerchief, sobbing into the shoulder of others who are equally lamenting their own loss. Yet, none of this is to be feared, it is only death, and soon this too will be yet another memory to dissipate with the sands of time.  The synths create an atmospheric background that fits along the style of the aforementioned acts and things like Midnight Syndicate. In short, for us Black Metal fans, this is the other side. Speaking of…

When we reach the other side, it does not seem so different or strange after all. The path merely continues on with the same general tone and feeling, or lack of. This is merely the soul finding rest, letting go of the body and accepting that things inevitably change. Death is, after all, merely changing form, and as this EP goes on the other side retains its pacifying quietude. Müldeponie is merely a soundtrack for this liminal stage of life which we shall all release, perhaps this will serve as preparation for the inevitable, Shavasana. The pace never quite changes, going from track to track with the same minimalistic keys and somber tones.  While this does not dramatically stands out, it is one more group that creates a soundtrack to nights where anything heavy simply will not do, and the soft sounds of Deaths steps seem to be approaching. Rest well.

Track List:

01 The Dark Side (Part One)
02 The Dark Side (Part Two)
03 The Other Side (Part One)
04 The Other Side (Part Two)

Rating: 3.5/5
Written by: Patrick Bertlein
Label: Depressive Illusion Records (RU) / CD-R
Dark Ambient / Drone

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