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Little Sap Dungeon – Seven Trumpets of Death


I’ve never been a huge fan of sampling films, TV or radio speech as most of the time the same material is used over and over again by tons of bands. Recorded speech is opening Seven Trumpets of Death, the latest album of the US industrial duo Little Sap Dungeon. And exactly this is the backbone of the record, which is covering each painful aspect of our daily lives. Social issues, disasters, religion, money, crime, politics – it’s all there. The album is more of a recreation and a soundtrack of our own reality, than a piece of art striving to create something unknown.

Seven Trumpets of Death is a bit over than 30 minutes long, violent and fragmentary radio transmission, which serves only one purpose – to force-feed us our own faulty reality. The music is by no means a ground-breaker. Actually it’s a pretty standard industrial release. It is sometimes abrasive (The Carcass Trench or Beckoning The Tyrants), sometimes rhythmic and in The Fade it even gets quite atmospheric and mellow. Banality is sadly a quite common feature of our lives, so that taste of the music I personally consider rather conceptual. Only that way it could fit the problematic but yet blank human existence.

Despite the general feeling of hearing something pretty common and ordinary, Little Sap Dungeon still created few memorable pieces. My unconditional favorite is the track Seven Trumpets of Death. It’s the heaviest in the record but being left for the end often makes me skip the quite shallow final piece Eradication of Dreams. Meet Your Maker is my other highlight. It is minimalist as a message but evil and rhythmic as hell. In terms of sound production I’d like this album more if it was louder and sharper, and not that clean.

And here is where I’ll make a crucial remark so you can imagine the following text bold and underlined. No one needs an Adolf Hitler speech in their music in the 21st century. This crap is not cool anymore, and actually it never was. No matter how industrial, martial, military or political you want to get. This is so overused and boring, that I fell asleep only writing about it. And Little Sap Dungeon owe my patience big time for not taking out the cd out of my player and throwing it out of the window the second I heard the bitching of Mr. Hitler in their second track. Another reason I gave this album a chance is due to its nice packaging. Abandonment and Dungeon Recordings put out a really decent looking release. Although I’m not so mad about the music, I recommend checking it out for as a whole it is a really successful and homogeneous sound snapshot of reality.

Rating: 3/5
Written by: Angel S.
Label: Abandonment (BG) & Dungeon Recordings (USA) / Format: Pro Cdr / Cat . # [AB]CDR-016


01. The Carcass Trench
02. With An Iron Fist
03. Beckoning The Tyrants
04. Meet Your Maker
05. The Fade
06. Seven Trumpets Of Death
07. Eradication Of Dreams