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Aendlex – Pre Rup Stairs

What have we done in the past, and how does it impact our future? Are we destined to repeat our mistakes over again until our lesson is learned? What panacea lies in meditation and study?

As a guy who appreciates the deep, introspective styles of multiple music genres, this album from Aendlex speaks especially loud. I’ll readily admit that I’m a sucker for acoustic guitar, especially when that guitar is played the majority of the time in minor chords. Released this year from Poland, Aendlex (IT) delivers these two main elements over 16 tracks on what appears to be his debut album. The project saw first light in 2007 with the objective of taking pleasure in overturning the standard way of conceiving feelings: music as an everlasting and ever-changing research experiment. True to these words, Alex dives deep into these concepts early in this offering. Being a relatively long album, track-wise, a decent portion of these tracks are fairly short. The good thing in this regard is that he is able to explore intricate philosophies and structures in a very efficient way. Several of the early tracks may require additional listens to grasp the entire concept, so don’t be afraid to loop them if necessary. The sign of a good effort, to me, is the ability of an album to provide multiple angles and emotions through several listens. This work certainly provides that aspect. I especially love looping tracks “Someone Else’s Memories”, “Sunshine”, and “Highest Law”. This tripling provides me with a mirrored, eclectic look back at some of what made the early to mid-nineties so special to me through the works of Pearl Jam, pieces of acoustic sets from Alice in Chains, and even some of the lesser known sides from The Smashing Pumpkins.

Alex brings a unique vocal expression to the work as a whole. I believe this is most evident on “Back in Time”, a  poignant reminder of the importance of memories on our eventual path in life. The plaintive, almost harrowing expression in his voice is clearly felt, and cannot be ignored. Longing for the past, or rather, a “re-do” of the mistakes of the  past. It seems he wants to revisit these spots in the film of the past and do certain things differently, and in other moments, simply re-live them through the filter of experience.

Altogether, the work is solid and engaging. It begins on a fairly linear platform, and digs deeper and more eclectic as the work proceeds. Track flow is important here, as the early tracks pave the way, musically and thematically,  for the works that follow. It IS a form of meditation in itself, which really makes this album a unique experience. Recommended for those who enjoy music in general, and aren’t afraid to venture further down the rabbit hole.

Track List:

01) Someone Else’s Memories
02) Sunshine
03) Repent Before
04) Walking Words
05) Highest Law
06) Back in Time
07) Distorted Perception
08) Seagulls at Dawn
09) Questions og Mankind
10) Railway to Life
11) Pamphlet
12) Mezcal
13) French Vision
14) Raving Up Blues
15) Third Eye Opening
16) Shiva und Shanti

Rating: 4/5
Written by: Asche
Label: Bunkier Productions (PL) / Format: Pro CD-R / Cat. # BXVII
Neofolk / Drone / Instrumental