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North – Czekając Na Sztorm

North is a band with its roots buried deep in the Slavic pagan heritage. Since 1993 these warriors have recorded quite a few albums of all sorts and Czekając na sztorm is their fifth full length album filled to the brim with harsh and savage music. My previous encounter with North (PL) was during my education when one of the polish students I had the convenience to indulge in heavy drinking with played the album Na polach bitew during one of the more intoxicated evenings. The band quickly vanished into the deeper parts of my memory and when I had the opportunity to once more indulge in heathen black metal I took it on.

Czekając na sztorm, or Waiting for the Storm in English, is a monumental album that once again somewhat diminishes due to my own failings in the Slavonic languages. However what I fail to hear in the spoken words is more than made up for with the music. The album starts with the title track and it is a quick introduction to the music of North. Furious riffs combined with a landslide of drums and menacing growling vocals that sacrifice finesse for pure brutal onslaught. The overall feeling of the songs is dark and the sheer violence conjured by the growling of Sirkis is potent as well as beautiful.

The album leaps on to Z mroku dziejów and delivers more of the bone shattering assault on the senses. Once again hard riffs are combined with slower more accentuated breaks in the storm of sound and song. Pieśń Perunowa starts slower and sticks out a bit in its more creeping introduction only to explode later on assuming the promise of glory and violence that this album reeks of. Stosy zapłoną presents more of the competent riffing as well as the infernal drumming of Helldriver. Żyć by trwać ends the album in a bang and unleash more of the onslaught of riffs and revelations, the finish is quite energetic and leaves little to no room left for thought or serenity.

At the end of the album there is a silence that stirs the atmosphere built up to the tones of distant carnage. North have with Czekając na sztorm crafted a fine album filled to the brim with blackened carnage. This creation is a pure onslaught of riffs and drums that speaks volumes with its own primal language, a language that heeds no borders. The pamphlet told me that this album was 9 anthems to the Slavonic gods and I can’t disagree with that notion. This is a soundtrack for the heathen gods of war and thunder, a violent archaic surge that sweeps you from reality to the throne of the gods. My only critique for this album is that it can become a bit monotonous after a while and the relentlessness can become a curse in itself when you never get a chance to recover. Czekając na sztorm is an album that have my warm recommendations. It is a strong and potent album that delivers harsh and powerful black metal that hits you like an axe to the face. Take heed, the storm is coming..

Rating: 4/5

Written by: Skarsnik
Label: Old Temple / Format: CD / Cat. # OLD 50

01. Czekając na sztorm
02. Z mroku dziejów
03. Pieśń Perunowa
04. Modlitwa wojownika
05. Stosy zapłoną
06. Ostatni Zerca
07. Krwawy blask
08. W imię słowiańskiej wolności
09. Żyć by trwać!!

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