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Intolitarian – Berserker Savagery

While the name Intolitarian won’t be recognizable for many as the only previous record of their existence was the “Omnicidal Murderer” tape released last year on his own label Audial Decimation Records, the name “Deathkey” should certainly ring a bell to any fan of the power electronics genre.  Intolitarian features the anonymous face behind Deathkey, Antichrist Kramer, as well as anonymous drummer “Terror”.  Deathkey has been nearly legendary in the past decade for his intense and provocative style of industrial / power electronics that has been largely featured on the twin labels of Satanic Skinhead Propaganda and the aforementioned Audial Decimation, Mikko Aspa’s Freak Animal Records, and even a short stint on The AJNA Offensive via a split with 88MM entitled “Total War / None of you Left”.  Others may know Antichrist Kramer more for his artistic skills of which he is able to boast having created covers for the likes of Inquisition, Absurd, Ravenbanner, Nyogthaeblisz, and more recently, Vasaeleth and Pseudogod, as well as Hellvetron’s logo.  Needless to say, despite his affinity for the more abrasive world of noise / power electronics, Kramer is firmly planted in the world of black metal.

If the name of Kramer’s primary label, Satanic Skinhead Propaganda, wasn’t enough to hint about his socio-political themes and stance, then Intolitarian should be a swift kick in the temple.  “Berserker Savagery” is everything that the title implies.  The creations found within are primitive to the point of existing at the very core of an immensely fervent hatred.  Everything from the production of the album to the nihilistic compositions themselves mirror this, from the speed of grind and power violence to the abrasive tendencies and intelligible vocals of power electronics and noise.  There is no atmosphere, no melody, no ear-candy.  It is simply complete and utter aural destruction through the deep rumblings of distorted bass and the bombastic, militant grind of Terror’s percussion.  This is the sound of misanthropy — brutal rawness filled with the claustrophobic clutter of uncompromising vocals and a complete lack of discernible melody with the only brief rests residing with occasional samples that are used as the audible vessel for Kramer’s politics.

This is the sort of release that will immediately bring to mind the likes of Seth Putnam, but it is done without even the most minute hint of humor.  Berserker Savagery is deathly serious about its stance and intent and for that reason, as well as its pure power through sound, it must be celebrated.  Its politics, on the other hand, aren’t the type that we’re willing to condone or simply ignore — a fact that should come as no surprise.  The noise and power electronics genres have always pushed the envelope in every conceivable way, so when a listener feels shocked, disgusted, or simply put off by any subject in any given release in the genre, the creator has undoubtedly done his job well.  These genres are supposed to make the average human feel horrified at its contents — and if you don’t feel that way, then perhaps you’re as desensitized as the rest of the lot and inevitably belong in these ruins.  However, even the most depraved power electronics release is created in such a way that its content is either of questionable honesty, or of incontrovertible sincerity.  “Berserker Savagery”, without a doubt, falls into the latter realm with quotes from the linear notes reading “Sickening inferior pompous scum, sniveling weak complacent cattle, parasitic attention craving subhuman thief whores, hear the savage roar of that which will forever be above you”.

Had he left it at that, anyone could have latched onto it.  It could have been about a universal call to pride amongst those anti-modern minds whom are tired of contemporary civilization and wish to be the cause, at least partially, of its imminent, violent downfall.  Those are emotions that the vast majority of those in this scene of art and music/non-music, specifically on the right, can identify with.  The linear notes go on, however, to read “Intolitarian is one more bullet in the gun that is to the head of the filthy jew pig, primitive nigger filth, subhuman white trash, and all who do nothing but consume, exist and act as parasites feeding off of the strength and will of the Aryan”.  This turn of political theme has its obvious flaws and this is where we choose to draw the line.  The conservative far right has long been affiliated with this type of ignorant stance, and so long as these types continue to plague its politics, it will never be taken seriously, let alone succeed in any substantial form.  Put simply, the fight ahead to reclaim this world is immense and the problems are many.  We don’t have the time or the resources to devote to such childish, ignorant mindsets.

We will continue to write on music that focuses on this type of ideology as we respect anyone who has the courage to speak their mind even if they remain behind a veil of anonymity.  That said, we will not condone or ignore the contents of any record we review.  Celebrate the power of the compositions on “Berserker Savagery”, condemn the message.

Track List:

01) Weapon of Revolution
02) Death Campaign

Rating: 3/5
Written by: Sage
Label: Audial Decimation Records (United States) / ADR015 / Digi-CD
Noise / Grindcore