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Concrete Cunt – Betonkut / Chained Cunt

Concrete Cunt is the first release by a new Belgium noise label called Gutter Disease. This release comes in two parts as a purchase; a double-sided C10 cassette (Betonkut) and a Business card cd (Chained Cunt). Concrete Cunt does not appear to have released any other material prior to Betonkut and Chained Cunt.

Betonkut comes with a colour printed sleeve that when folded out appears to be a collaged wall made up of mostly eyeless female heads and some body parts, this could be seen a visual wall that comes with the two walls of sound on the cassette.

Betonkut begins with the track Concrete Cunt; this begins as an immediate dense wall of noise as if the listener is standing in front of a jet engine about to take off. This seems to use a more parallel assault with sharp feedback sounds cutting in directly as if to follow straight through along the same direction of the base blasting sound. Various sharp noises continue this in a tidy manner. The main dense blast of the wall does falter at times allowing for the structure to be held by the sharper higher pitched sounds. There are also more ambient echoing noises that repeat and serve to give the wall a surrounding area of sound that exists outside of its’ initial core density. Towards the end the feedback and smaller noises disappear, leaving the initial blast of static alone before the wall ends.

The second side contains the title track Betonkut; this is another static blast of wall noise; individual pillars of sound are formed through short bass notes that appear. Wires of feedback cut in and feel as if they run the opposite direction to the static blast base of the wall; this serves to give a more conflicted assault of sound in comparison to that of the previous track. This wall does falter at frequent intervals later on, when the static lowers it allows for passages of wall constructed by the sharper sounds in the composition. The faltering increases and gives precedence for the feedback and sharp screeches to rise and take the lead in the track and dominate to form a sharper wall of noise.

The accompanying Chained Cunt business CDR card comes in a card cover with artwork and plastic case. This is an attractive addition to the cassette; it contains one track; Chained Cunt, that just falls short of five minutes. Chained Cunt perfectly and quickly forms as a wall; feedback drones build up rapidly to be topped by a rough crackling/rumbling static burst. The feedback wavers subtly in the background seemingly aware it is the base of the wall and has a right to do this. Brief hisses stick out like jagged edges as the wall progresses onwards. The three elements; Drone, Crackle and Hisses form an aggressive wall that ends with the Drone winning out on its’ own. Chained Cunt is a lot more harmonious than the Betonkut track of the cassette but not as free flowing as the Concrete Cunt track due to its’ rough spiky sonic nature.

The three tracks/walls spread over both formats are all varied and strong. There are subtle yet exciting interplays between different elements in each wall. Both formats are beautifully and professionally presented. This is a very strong first release for both Concrete Cunt as an artist and Gutter Disease as a label.


Betonkut (C10 tape)

1. Concrete Cunt.
2. Betonkut.

Chained Cunt (Business Card cdr)

1. Chained Cunt.

Rating: 4/5
Written by Lazrs4
Gutter Disease / Tape GD01 – Bcard GD02
Harsh Noise




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