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Flesh Eating Foundation – So Yeah

This release is the fourth release by the UK based Electro band Flesh Eating Foundation (FFE); they have an impressive list of bands they have gigged with and remixed tracks for over the years including; Sheep on Drugs, Atari Teenage Riot, Curve and Skinny Puppy. In 2007 they performed a live set for the BBC. There is also a 2 track 7” vinyl version of So Yeah backed with their cover version of Babyland’s Worst Case Scenario. This cd contains the same cover version, four versions of ‘So Yeah’ and three new tracks.

“So Yeah” opens and proves to be a catchy track that is ripped on threats of retaliation and revenge. Industrial electro dance beats, combine with vocals that switch between raw and treated; blasts of heaviness are supplied by washes of distorted guitar that are also processed and thrown back into the mix. The Angelspit mix of So Yeah that follows the original heightens the electro assault elements of FFE, with choppier bursts of guitar. This So Yeah is minimal compared to the original version with the beats being a lot sharper and far less effects driven. Seed the Hate furthers upon the electro elements of the Angelspit mix and has an excellent memorable chorus combined with good ebm dance beats – Pop song writing skills emerge. Gratitude demonstrates impressive synth work complimented by a lighter vocal style that works in comparison to the angst of the previous tracks. There is also a much needed expansive sound that shifts away the direct assault of So Yeah. So Yeah (T-Lab remix) emphasizes the dancier factor of FFE; it also pushes things to higher speeds and levels than before. The Babyland (http://www.myspace.com/babylandmusic ) cover Worst Case Scenario is a good cover of the original track and expands upon the overall variety of the track list. Outcast You lurches into action with more excellent synth work, driving industrial electronics and a strong vocal melody shows the band working in perfect unity; this along with Seed the Hate is one of the strongest tracks on the album. Slow Yeah, winds things down and uses dominant live percussion that once mixed and mutated slightly slots into place.

FFE provide a well rounded electro industrial sound. The vocals are honest; they don’t indulge in the distorted scream style that is often a masking technique for weak vocalists. However when melody is used the vocals also rise way above the base rage. As a listener I wanted to move on from “So Yeah” and hear other sides to Flesh Eating Foundation’s overall sound, but I was consistently pulled back to So Yeah. Musically the tracks are generally strong; a glance at the existing You-tube live footage of the band indicates a growing strength in live performance over the years, Zombie image intact. Overall this CD did not need several “So Yeah” remixes; the progression of the tracks and FFE are hard to see as a result of the many remixes. There are demonstrations of some good studio work; I wanted more original material after hearing the whole CD. Furthering upon some of expansiveness of sound shown in the Babyland cover and Gratitude would be a good pointer for future direction. There is a real and sometimes successful effort to progress musically and as a result, parts of this CD are brilliant. The better parts of this fleshed out remix CD show that there is no reason why the next full album should not be excellent with an impressive selection of varied and powerful tracks.

Rating: 3.5/5
Written by: Lazrs4
Label: Glory and Honour (RU) / CD, Ltd Edition of 150 / Cat. # GH1014

01 So Yeah
02 So Yeah (Angelspit Remix)
03 Seed The Hate
04 Gratitude
05 So Yeah (T-Lab Remix)
06 Worst Case Scenario
07 Outlast You
08 Slow Yeah