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Pwin ▲▲ Teaks – Aoxomoxoa

There are some rather peculiar qualities surrounding Aoxomoxoa that are really hard to put down in words. To describe the album would be like writing down a dream after waking up, some fragments are clear and serene like a mountain lake while parts are as eluding and gloomy as the forest as dusk. Pwin Teaks is an intriguing project that conjures dark and psychedelic atmospheres by using a combination of various sampled voices, dark soundscapes and subliminal influences. The songs evolve into each other and each track contains lots of different styles and sounds creating a journey through dark and beautiful landscapes.

The Mirror Cabinet of the Water Witches begins with a gentle atmospheric part combined with distorted voices in the background calling out. After a while the landscape distorts and assumes a more noisy subterranean sound with harsh electronics and something that sounds like a distorted childs giggle. It all morphs back and forth into stranger and stranger parts of electronics to finally come to rest in the same serene and gentle atmosphere it started out with. The final evolution of the song boils down into a strange hurried almost ritual synthetic drumming, like a machine driven into madness chattering with its pipes and levers.

Phantasmagoria Suite is a gibbering madness of voices in the air building in strength and intensity until it dominates the many layers of the song. The sweeping drones and atmospheres are there in the background from the start but silently and slowly build up until the song blends the macabre choir with the layers of drones and rhythms. At some parts the song is so intense it builds up a presence of its own, a hauntingly and strange cacophony that saps the logic from the listener piece by piece. It is in itself a magnificent and eerily example of how something as ordinary as different layers of sound can affect the corporeal being.

Aoxomoxoa is the gentle prelude to the album with yet more of the sampled strange voices entwined in a unnatural conversation just above the sound of chaotic synthesizers and tropical birds. The song is by far the shortest of the three and ends in a short melody that fades out into the distance.

In the end this album affected me in quite a lot of ways. It is a heavily dream inducing album that really borders to something beyond what is bearable to the ordinary listener. To a schizophrenic idiosyncratic beast such as me this album was quite a rush with its many unspoken qualities of weird atmospheres and vistas of terror. The use and abuse of the sampled vocals was really something that worked wonders mixed with the otherworldly tunes and serene atmospheres. I highly recommend anyone into dark ambient of the more psychedelic kind to check out Aoxomoxoa, it is a journey into dementia that really disturbs in a good way.

Rate: 4/5
Written by: Skarsnik
Label: Brave Mysteries (US) / Format: Vinyl Lp / Cat. # MYST005

A. The Mirror Cabinet Of  The Water Witches
B1. Phantasmagoria Suite
B2. Aoxomoxoa