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Nový Svět ‎– Fin. Finito. Infinito

Long-time admirers of this project will fall in love with them all over again with this album. Among the more amorous of Nový Svět releases, “Fin. Finito. Infinito.” carries itself in a highly alluring way it’s entire length through. There are so many moments in this work that exhibit uncanny resemblances to many top tier artists like Nick Cave or Andrew Eldritch, yet that is not the most astounding thing about the work. It is something I will confidently put in league with productions by Mark Ellis, aka, Flood, who has worked with the aforementioned Cave, as well as PJ Harvey. It reminds me especially of one Harvey work, “To Bring You My Love”, only this is a more bare-bones composition-wise, but every bit as romantic, witty, seductive, raw, and to add to the mystery, most of the tracks are sung in Spanish.

“Fin. Finito. Infinito.” feels rather intimate, so much so that it almost seems a shame that most of the selections just fly by. A three minute duration is not necessarily too short to get caught up in, and the entire piece is fascinating enough to get swept up in. The sheer poetry of the lyrics is what makes everything whole, and a whole out of everything. The first two tracks are a warm welcome with acoustics and lines including “So many kilometers away, you are unreachable, and we know not even our names, your sole presence is what I wish for, and miss understanding without words.” But things stay interesting with a blacker sound via synth pulse and some very psychedelic and also robotic vocal manipulation in “Ausencia” (Absence). There is also fantastic drum work here and there, best of in “Rios Del Exceso” (Rivers of Excess), this track being the most like what is heard on PJ Harvey’s “To bring You My Love”. There are post-punk guitars, there are jazzy guitars, neo-folk strums and arpeggios, all of these putting forth simple but wonderful melody or more serious texture.

“Recio” (Fast) is one that will remind many of the Black Lodge, quite Lynchian, as folks say. To continue the sleazy vibe, there is “Porqueria” (Filth), which is a simple, smoky little piano, bass and pig-sample ditty. Then, it comes to the very awesome stutter of “Treinta Años”, which has piano pounding a la Nick Cave, harkening back to the days of “Tender Prey”. The last in line, the one which names the album, has the sweetest four and a half minutes on the work. It is perhaps one of the best goodbyes you will ever get the privilege to hear over and over. I know I have, and still am. This has all the makings and qualifications of a classic. Haunting, uplifting, romantic, comforting, engulfing, truly. I feel this raises the bar for Nový Svět, if that were something you could really do to a duo that gives what they give and refuses to be pegged down. One has to be inspired by that, just as there are untold memories to be set to this magnificent work.

Rating: 5/5
Written by: Rexington Steel
Label: The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret / Old Europa Cafe / Format: CD / Cat. # neko 16

01 Un Amante
02 Sin Palabras
03 Wonderful Blade
04 Ausencia
05 Otras Planetas
06 Ríos Del Exceso
07 Reina De Arcadia
08 En Te
09 Último Jardin
10 Recio
11 Tus Astros
12 Porquería
13 Treinta Años
14 Got It!
15 Degracia
16 Fin. Finito. Infinito.