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iNsCissorS – Destin [Music For A Film By John Santerineross]

“Are we bound by a predetermined destiny, or do we forge our own path in life?”

John Santerineross sets the question through his short film “Destin”, iNsCissorS from Hellas sets the question by composing the original score with Vincent Andelmoth on the piano, soundscapes & effects, Jason Andelmoth on Cello and Angel W.Black on Vocals & Choirs creating a unique cinematic ambient/neoclassical piece to dress one of John Santerineross dark films.

Peter Andersson (Raison d’etre), Mich Spape (H.E.R.R.), Simon Kölle (Za Frumi, Musterion, Abnocto), Inner Vision Laboratory and Hoarfrost place their own aspect of the same question by remixing the original score of iNsCissorS , each one in his own way…

I find that typically, one discovers a soundtrack due to the viewing of the film for which it was written. In this case, the exact opposite is true.

I was fortunate enough to receive this pristine, glossy A5 physical album in the mail. As I was consumed with other releases at that time, it unfortunately sat on the desk for nearly a month. Upon the first listen, I knew it should have been opened earlier. Much earlier.

iNsCissorS, hailing from Greece, have woven together a mixture of grating darkness, operatic female vocals, and thoughtful neo-classical ambient into one truly ethereal package. Termed the “original score”, this version is the most recognizeable in the film itself. Now, the track by itself is it’s own best masterpiece. What truly makes this full album so enchanting, though, is the remixes throughout the rest of the work. Each different artist portrays the main concept in their own way, creating harmonious overlays, and in the case of H.E.R.R., shattered dissonance to the original theme. I found that, with the exception of H.E.R.R., each project built back in the mournful, thought-provoking neo-classical cellos and pianos that link each of these works together.

The original composition is my personal favorite, as I think (as the first song I heard, plus the whole Main Score aspect) it is pieced together so very well. My absolute favorite remix would have to be IV, which is masterfully done by Peter Andersson/Raison d’Etre. The bass and movement in this one are just incredible, as well as the absolute depth and atmosphere that we have come to expect from Raison d’Etre over the years.

All in all, I am an absolute fan of soundtrack music. That really helps get into the feel and the scope of this particular work. When it is listened to with the aide of the film, the effect is glorified times one hundred. Do yourself a favor. Hear the work, see the film, hear the work again. An incredible journey.

Rating: 5/5
Written by: Asche

Label (s) : No Angels Productions (PL)/ Beast Of Prey  (PL)/ Format: CD+ A5 Digibook


01. Destin : [original Film Score] – iNsCissorS
02. Destin: Remix – Hoarfrost
03. Destin : Remix – H.E.R.R.
04. Destin: Remix – Raison d’etre*
05. Destin : Remix – Inner Vision Laboratory
06. Destin : Remix – Simon AA Kölle
07. Autumn Sonata – Silanus In Quieto Hortulo [First Version]
08. The Synopsis Of Pressure [Remastered Version]


Arranged By– Jason Andelmoth (tracks: 01, 08), Vincent Andelmoth (tracks: 01, 07, 08)
Composed By– Jason Andelmoth (tracks: 01, 08), Vincent Andelmoth (tracks: 01, 07, 08)
Guest– Angel W.Black (tracks: 01)
Performer– Angel W.Black (tracks: 01), Jason Andelmoth (tracks: 01, 08), Vincent Andelmoth (tracks: 01, 07, 08)