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Daina Dieva – Leaving the Garden

This album is an immediate mystery, there is no info on the artist other than some discogs listings and a vague myspace. There have been two mp3 releases in the past Incubi Sucubi and Nakcia Reports say the artist is from Lithuania, a mystery for sure. There was involvement in a film by Tommaso Pedone called Yerma , originally a work by Federico Garcia Lorca. Leaving the Garden is the first physical Daina Dieva (LT)  release on an equally mysterious label Section XIII˙.˙COMA 

Leaving the Garden begins with Waiting for the Snow, through this Leaving the Garden immediately reveals itself to be a highly imaginative and high minded work. It lurches into life like a broken woken orchestra. The ambient textures Dieva works in are dreamlike, deep, expansive, sensual and rich. It isn’t Dark in any obvious way, only through its depth; it is as if the listener immediately becomes involved in the depths of Daina Dieva’s dream. Voice and Poetry are tied in to The Red Sun perfectly, not intruding on the music at all, there is a choir feel to both the vocal and music, in its resonate depth and numerous voices. The haunted atmospherics of Leaving the Garden slowly reveal themselves, the near 19 minute length of the track allows it to journey smoothly through different passages tied in together by being linked through continued sounds as others disappear and sometime gently reappear. The vocals pass into and dominate the Garden for a period, but the layering of voices in poem makes it work beautifully. The Silent One slowly shifts as a base for perfect end vocals to close the album.

Leaving the Garden is presented in a DVD case with beautiful deep Prussian Blue artwork by Videl Velsmord  and a booklet that keeps the reprints the words yet keeps them slightly vague in a Prussian defense, purposely blurring them, a required effort is needed to read them, but such rich poetry emerges:

“I woke up early and stepped out to my garden/ I broke the chain that held me to my bed/ I climbed the wire fence/ my palms left bleeding”

Leaving the Garden is a well thought out  piece of art. It maintains innocence whilst scoring an ethereal high (art) on all counts. Leaving the Garden presents itself as a strong work; Music, lyrics and Artistic presentation are all perfectly synchronized.

Rating: 4/5
Written by: Lazrs4
Label: Section XIII˙.˙COMA / Format: CD / Cat. #  [SXIIICD004]

01 Waiting For the Snow
02 The Red Sun
03 Leaving the Garden
04 The Silent One