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Rain Drinkers – Yesodic Helices

It’s always remarkable when I receive a new vinyl album. There is something timeless about the look, the feel, the extra anticipation of the music contained thereon. And on 150G black vinyl, I only hoped that the music followed the physical quality of the work’s presentation. Rain Drinkers. An American duo from the wilds of Wisconsin, these two are everything and yet nothing. With any duel attack comes dual purpose, dual arrangement, and double the pleasure (or pain). We’re certainly dealing with the former here!

It seems to me that, in this world of over-exposure and saturating over-marketing that Troy Schafer (credited on the LP as Xavier Kraal) and Joe Taylor (unknown outside of RD, it seems) would rather paint their works through subtlety and worth than in glitter and lights. But that’s just the way this music is marketed. It’s what’s INSIDE that counts. Same with this record.

Yesodic Helices is a 2 track dive into the world of experimental music that brims with beauty and unwound perfection. It seems that the two, along with their named yet invisible third, the Creative Spirit, have divided theitr time in threes, as well. One part field recordings, one part true studio, and a third part complete experimentation, they have the presence of heart and mind to bring all parts together as one sonic full.

Each side measures about 15 minutes in length. Fans of Carnivale will especially appreciate side A – Helix I. Almost an Ennio Morricone-esque track, it blends experimental country, field recordings of an abrubt and unknown nature, as well as pulsing light and dark elementsinto one huge canvas of noise within the quiet. There are so many instruments at play here, it would be quite a task to try and list them all here. Suffice it to say, these gentlemen aren’t just pressing random keys on a synthesizer. There is a degree of multi-instrumental talent here that rivals anything I’ve heard in a good long while.

Side B (or Omega) – Helix II is something from a dream, at least for me. Foreboding sounds of darkness and light play well with the pianos and other native instruments to create a sonic swell of beauty and muffled despair. There is an unknown darkness here, something welcome, but not fully explained. Bliss and warped perfection!

Overall, I find this release to be among the better ones I’ve heard this year. It speaks to me in hidden ways, and it causes me to think, to reflect, to dream. It would be true to say that my own path has become illuminated by this release. Solid.

Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Asche
Label: Brave Mysteries (US)
Cat. # MYST006
Format: Vinyl, LP


A1 Helix I
B1 Helix II