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Mike Patton – The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Ah, Mr. Mike Patton….The last time I seriously critiqued your work, it was the Fantomas album, Delerium Cordia. Is growth from that possible? YES, IT IS. And this album proves it! Produced for a soundtrack, it fits that bill perfectly. It’s an unsettling dive into the mind of madness and genius. This is a very unstructured work, very much like the recordings made during the Fantomas era. Each recording is intrinsically separate, yet strong enough to stand on it’s own.

Heavily experimental yet grandioise, this work plays with the mind, bending and warping it’s way from opening to finish, sliding it’s gravitacious pull throughout. There is truly no genre to classify this other than true experimental! It sells you on one thing for sure.

I now MUST read this book, and MUST see this movie! This experience is quite unlike any “soundtrack” I’ve ever heard before. I suppose that’s because the ubiquitous Mr. Patton is absolutely masterful at any genre and setting he selects. It’s like he grasps the exact mood of each track and gravitates his will to suit it perfectly. Never rushed, never frantic….each measured, weighed, and deliberate. The build up is satisfied in every track, all is balance.

Most songs (as with Ulver’s soundtrack work for Svidd Neger) are short and fleeting. However, the raw completeness of each work continues unabated. The massive use of multi-track, overarching recording style is so important here, as it allows for full release in such short spaces. Claustrophobic yet airy…this release is a true study in duality.

As with his previous efforts, Patton continues to create memorable feelings, emotions, and visions with his work. The ability to paint a world of confusion, chaos, and disaster is his alone here. The overall feeling of subtlety works well here, as each separate work winds through the mind and heart, creating at last a finished work…a look at the world through a different pair of eyes…..and one of a soul that cannot survive without the word of creation.

Final words: Favorite track is actually the last one, Weight Of Consequences (Quod Erat Demonstrandum). At 7:05, it’s by far the longest track, and serves well as the bookend for this journey. This is the only song that contains any previous mention to the tunes from the earlier works. Patton is at his best here, mixing deep, pulsing darkness and ethereal elements, forming his final thoughts in the word of art itself. An intense experience from a guy who continues to morph and bend the rules when it comes to music production. A fantastic experience….a highly recommended album!!

Rating: 5/5

Written By: Asche
Artist: Mike Patton
Label: Ipecac Recordings
Cat. #: IPC131
Format: CD
Genre: Experimental/Ambient/Soundtrack

2. Twin Primes
3. Identity Matrix
5. Method Of Infinite Descent
7. Contrapositive
11. Cicatrix
13. Abscissa
17. Isolated Primes
19. Radius Of Convergence
23. Separatrix
29. The Snow Angel
31. Apnoea
37. Supersingular Primes
41. Quadratrix
43. Calculus Of Finite Differences
47. Zeroth
53. Weight Of Consequences (Quod Erat Demonstrandum)