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Dramatic Structure; An E-mail Conversation with Erik Ingmanndsen of Anziegen

Should I apply Freytag’s classical dramatic structure to the world around me, I would have to consider Spring to be the rising action of the year, right now everything is being put into place, complications are being added, but their resolutions are within sight, this holds true for the season and I believe for ambient artist Anziegen as well.  Through several incarnations over the last half decade, I have listened while Erik Ingmanndsen has honed his soundcraft.  Now he is set to release his upcoming album ‘The Dénouement of all Things‘ on the exciting UK label Somehow Recordings, a nonprofit label devoted to ambient, drone and field recordings.  You can hear selections from the new album as well as other tracks from the last year on the Anzeigen Soundcloud.  Over the last month or so I have been happy to discuss the directions Anziegen is taking with Erik, it is great to see a friend’s hard work paying off with happiness and opportunity.


Erik Ingmanndsen

Heathen Harvest:
You have created a large amount of high quality dark ambient over  the last year, anything in particular that has been behind this drive?

Erik Ingmanndsen: Yes there has been a lot behind the new sounds of Anzeigen,  though I would not call it just Dark Ambient, I would also call a lot, if not most of it, Ethereal Ambient. The drives are many, and I will do  my best to touch base on a few.  I have always been very spiritual, and have leaned heavily towards Gnosticism metaphorically since a young age, largely because the imagery and concepts gel so well with who I am, what  my life experiences have been thus far. Another heavily inspiring concept is Gustav Freytag‘s concept of dramatic structure, and the concepts behind  the Roman God JANVS, and of course, Angels …

Anzeigen attempts to approach the truth about life on a grand scale and  hopefully for some, not just a window into my soul, but also the  listeners,.. That we all have a purpose in this world, and with that many struggles …

What does the name Anzeigen mean to you, my German dictionary gives  a rather dry definition that I find difficult to hear in such ethereal music?

EI: When I started this project seven years ago, this being my third  Ambient project, I wanted a simple but powerful word… short and “sweet”  Anzeigen was the perfect choice, I love the strength of the German  language, and since Anzeigen means to signify, to advertise, to indicate, and to reveal, it fits perfectly. In my music I bare my soul, I hold  nothing back, while at the same time I leave it open to personal  interpretation by the listener, and by those who hopefully identify with not only the suggested concepts, but mostly the humanity behind the  tale, That which is Anzeigen…

How did you meet and come to work with Ferah Dervish?  It seems you  two sync very well with each other, what directions can you see your divine collaboration taking Anzeigen’s music in?

EI: Ferah and I met through Facebook, through a collection of groups called SQUARE, created by the visual artist Paul Bilger who’s art has been  one of the many things to re-inspire me. Having said that, Ferah and I share a deep love of poetry, and all things beautiful, ideal, and intense. Ferah has for one song so far contributed her lovely piece of prose titled ~Pardoned~ for the song Freytag’s Pyramid (Thee exposition).  Hopefully in the future she will collaborate with me again. Also worthy of mention is my Dear friend Sandra Jane Suleski, who’s lovely, Ethereal,  angelic paintings, as well as our incredibly deep friendship have also  been inspirations for Anzeigen. The song At Thee Arm is fused perfectly with one of her paintings titled ~Behold the Bearer of Flowers~ (for there  shall be two),.. Her website showcases her lovely work.  There will be more people  collaborating with Anzeigen in the future …

You state you make music to explore and document your experience, how so? I am able to look (or listen rather) at music I have participated  in over the years and learn things about myself I didn’t realize at the time, but I have never went into making music with those goals, so I am interested in how you go about it?

EI: Yes to document my life experiences I had considered writing  a book, but music is much more my thing, it is really an aural book of sorts, most of my pieces are largely inspired, even guided. When I compose a piece I must be lucid, open to the universe, and the many tales it has to tell. For example, how living this human, earth bound existence can lead us to find immense reflection and validation in these tales …  There are things I learn about myself with every new song I create, as well as things I already knew or refused to accept at points in my life… In part I use Anzeigen as a butterfly catcher, maybe even an antenna.  I try not to pick apart my work as a rule, I choose to let it say what it needs to say, or it what it needs to mean for myself, and the listener.

I will end with these two quotes:

“Just like life, some stories are difficult to understand.” ~unknown~

“For the Soul walks upon All paths.  The Soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. The Soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.”  ~Kahlil Gibran~ ‘Self Knowledge’

Interview by Bryan Babylon.

  • I so enjoyed the interview, and the explanations and descriptions of your art. I am, of course, and as always, so very proud of you.
    Love, Mom

  • Look forward to being one of those with whom you collaborate, Erik. 🙂

  • Soulful and articulate to the core. So wonderful to put words and explanation to your artistic projekts.I look forward to revelling in the delights and inspirations Anzeigen has to offer in the future…… love eternally….Sandra-Jane Suleski

  • Erik, I loved reading your responses, and I’m thrilled that your work is appreciated by others! Looking forward to the release of your album (congratulations!!!) AND to seeing you this summer!

  • You put your heart and sole into what you do. Your work is amazing, and I hope it is appreciated by others. Congratulations and good luck with this venture!

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