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A Full Cosmic Sound – Self-titled

A Full Cosmic Sound is a new psych project born out of Santiago, Chile that probably should need little introduction regarding their style and sound.  After all, judging a book by its cover, while never recommended, may yield a broad understanding of that which lies within, and this is one case in experimental music that is topped in their obvious psych influences department perhaps only by the likes of Acid Mother’s Temple.  However, regardless of the obvious overtones, “psych” has become a rather vague term by all accounts for describing music.  Even the reason behind the formation of the project lies in this realm though.  As put by Fabrica Records, A Full Cosmic Sound was born out of inspiration derived from a shared psychoactive-inspired experience from three of the core members of the group in Brazil that involved a UFO-sighting.  Though since it’s induction the project has had a line-up that is more of a revolving-door of participants than a full ensemble, this influential moments has stuck with them and inevitably continued to influence their sound.

The tape is, of course, a strange release as you could expect.  Low humming basslines that overwhelm the production, odd electronic phasing and krautrock references, feedback and noise all combine through most tracks to create an atmosphere that is equal parts weird and equal parts abrasive.  The production isn’t great, in fact its on the bad side of things but in the harsh moments it lends an authentic quality to the music.  In the lighter side of the music it can be distracting, but it does give surreal qualities in these moments as well.  The percussion is nearly bombastic, keeping pace like clockwork with the bass chiming in with accented rhythms. As with most improvisation, the compositions are relatively simplistic which opens up the back-end of the sound to various odd oscillations, high-end clanking and cavernous drones that scale the entire spectrum of sound.  The last track on the tape is probably the least experimental and the most “groovy” sounding with a slowly played, repetitive, catchy bassline jam.

The only real complaint that I have about this release is the name of the project versus the sound on the release.  With a name like “A Full Cosmic Sound”, I expected a full, blown out, psych jam-fest but a good amount of the mix was vacant in sound.  There’s still a lot of open area to be filled, something that could have been fixed by perhaps utilizing low and mid-end drones more often, or just more simple instrumentation in general.  However, this is a work of improvisation, not a studio effort, so additions are impossible in the end without changing the defining qualities of the tape.  Despite this though, the weirdness of the release cannot be overlooked.  You don’t have to look any further than roughly translated track titles like “Commander Chupacabra accelerate and deliver the message” and “Hippies on Alert, Strategy Redesign” to see that.

A1) Corto Vuelo, era Una Trampa
A2) Queremos los Minerales, no es Suficiente
A3) Hippis en Alerta, Estrategia en Rediseno
B1) Comandante Chupacabra Acelere y Entregue el Mensaje
B2) El Mensaje de Roger

Rating: 3/5
Written by: Sage
Fabrica Records (US) / FAB006 / Tape