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Viodre – Interpol Alchemi

Viodre – Interpol Alchemi

Journalist Name: Joseph Gates
Artist: Viodre 
Title: Interpol Alchemi
Label: Hospital Productions 
Format: CD
Cat. # HOS – 161
Genre: Noise/Experimental

01. Incon, Ceph.
02. Sild, Done.
03. Finde; No Lyn.
04. Note (Of A Series); Obstacle
05. Form – Hydrogen II
06. Form – B (Of A Series)
07. Scorta
08. (And) Realization
09. One Ending/Garden Of Futility
10. Blind Fire
11. Release In Tide
12. “But Make An Effort To Hear, Save Face, And Be Taken, Down With Me.”
13. Preocclt No Edit
14. Far Surface Delir
15. Sons’ Banner
16. Broker; Stance; Fortitude.

Viodre is one of the most respected recording artists in the noise genre, thanks to a series of excellent recordings and insanely kinetic live performances. This record on Hospital Productions represents one of the most developed and intentional efforts on the part of this artist, a full-on cinematic compositional effort by an extraordinarily talented and considered noise artist. Viodre’s work is focused on the presentation of beauty and feeling through sound in a manner that is unhindered by adherence to both musical or noise genre structure. Instead, Viodre goes for full-on, to the gut presentation of diverse sound that compels the mind to search for meaning while listening. A large part of Viodre’s work seems focused on the idea of presenting diverse, even opposing concepts in a manner that one must make a surreal sort of sense out of the things that one is dealing with. In the process, a wide variety of sounds and moods comes together on these tracks, sometimes simultaneously. It would be futile to attempt to describe the actual physical sounds that occur throughout a lot of this release, a mixture of cut-up noise, lush electronics, field recordings, and rhythmic sounds that come together to illustrate an emotional landscape that is both completely original and utterly familiar. The complete commitment to sound and devotion to sonic immersion reminds me of Jason Crumer’s excellent “Ottoman Black” release, but Viodre presents a landscape that is much more alien and diverse than the excellent cold and harsh landscapes of Crumer. The intricacy of the production on these tracks is something to behold… this is a record that absolutely must be heard and experienced in order to be fully appreciated.

For the most part, like the best works of art, no individual track on here represents the whole so much as that this release steps forward as a single unified musical statement. There are many standout tracks, but the artistry and compositional skill on display here demands that one put themselves into the entire mix, enjoying the release as a whole. This is the kind of release that will stand the test of time beyond trends and cliques and stand on its own as a sonic statement about the human experience in relation to sound and environment. At times, on can hear sounds that seem to be captured from daily life, mixing with created electronics, a Musique concrète miasma of some of the urban sonic landscapes that send modern the metropolitan experience over the top. The attention to detail and compositional complexity reminds me a little bit of the recent material by Scott Walker… in fact a moniker of “Scott Walker of noise,” albeit nonsensical, would not be completely out of place as a description of Viodre. This is seriously some of the best material to be released under the noise moniker by an American noise artist, the kind of stuff that makes people who have never listened to noise lifelong fans of the genre. Elements of free jazz and power electronics come together in ways that go beyond the limitations of either genre- truly beautiful music regardless of what appellation one chooses to label it with. This is the kind of release that can be listened to over and over again and still rewards the listener with each new visit.

The first track on here is a real monster, taking up almost a third of the total running time of the release. Sometimes sounds will come in that are jarring and in opposition to the surrounding material, but always within a particular flow and ebb of the overall mood of the release. Ultimately, one comes away from this release with both an admiration for the production qualities as well as a pure visceral thrill to be taken from the basic enjoyment of listening. Moments of pure and undiluted catharsis are followed by gorgeous sections of shining ambient/minimal techno brilliance, all adding up together to a structure and intensity that is far superior to the individual parts of the whole. This is an extremely impressive release that is recommended listening for anyone curious about what is going on lately in the genre of noise. Viodre is essential listening for the hectic and disconnected living that humanity has grown used to, a yearning for a connection to a deeper level of beauty and existence beyond the veil of normality. Shockingly beautiful and lush soundscapes presented with a sharp sense of adventure and individuality… an essential modern noise release.

Rating: 5/5