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Division S – Something to Drink V

Division S – Something to Drink V

Written by: Dyonisian Apollo
Artist: Division S
Title: Something to Drink V
Country: Italy
Label: Old Europa Cafe
Cat. #: OECD142
Format: CD

Genre: Industrial / Folk / Lounge

01) The Ballad of the Left Ear
02) The Morning Light
03) Materially Loser
04) December Rain
05) No Control
06) And Just the People Out
07) Further Knowledge
08) Teaching Mistakes
09) Scrambled Eggs
10) The Mountain And The Fish
11) Forget All
12) Sweet Mary
13) Once Again
14) The End

The fifth delivery by the mysterious Division S on Old Europa Café comes in as a surprise as this band orbits in some kind of ellipse that hides any news for a forthcoming apparition, almost like a comet that disappears in the sky and may let people think it will not come back during their lifetime. They have done this turn-around five times, always delivering something new and always uncompromising. Here is the new delivery.

As usual during their existence, in this new album there are noticeable differences to be appreciated. The folk tones, or, specifically, the more cabaret direction noticed in other albums has almost disappeared now, only to be replaced by some down-tempo hybridized with something we could call minimal post-rock and a distant touch of psych folk. Meanwhile, the album retains this experimental attitude commonly associated with the band that may situate them near projects such as Novy Svet. In fact, the uncompromising simplicity for the construction of the album easily demarks the experimental side and determination to bring something a bit out of the norm. The most notorious characteristic is perhaps their tendency for creating maniac music, repetitive sampler sequences that serve as base for the construction of the track and aided by minimal instrumentation in order to consolidate the piece. Take for example the track “No control” with its “happy” loop repeating ad nauseaum while the guitar twangs in and out with manic chords around and the lyric depicts some kind of clownish mantra, degrading the “pop” music undertone into some kind of sonic satire with post modern connotations.

In a way the album could be analyzed as some kind of unpretentious experiment, which is a usual characteristic of the band — this time dealing with a version of something we could call anti-pop, or “un- pop”, using common elements to the pop routine but instead of stylizing the melodrama or impacting with cliché rhythms to stick into the mind, it’s all about taking all these standards towards the absurd, until the music is ironic lyrically and outsider in its content, yet in its own rarity and mockery the music stands as something interesting, uncommon and certainly curious but nevertheless monotone after a while. The repetitiveness, the strange lyrics, somehow the sticky loops dealt with sampler and instrumentation adhere to the listeners as a deleble thing, a momentary attraction that depicts as its most representative value its irony and unpretentious posture. Interesting for a try, yet I must say it is nothing too impressive or remarkable. Its own simplicity often gives the sensation on something redundant, as unpolished ideas turned into songs. The best thing to mention could be the combination of certain samplers with the minimalistic instrumentation used, their maniac touch may be a curiosity but it may be also obnoxious after a while.

Rating:  3/5