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Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud – Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud

Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud – Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud

Journalist Name: Navdi
Artist: Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud
Title: Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud
Label: Projekt 
Cat. # PRO00255
Format: CD
Genre: Shoegaze/Post-Rock

01 Against all odds
02 A stolen life
03 Such a waste
04 The air is on fire
05 Motionless
06 The sun is already gone
07 The leaden sky
08 Where earth meets sea
09 Leaves across the roads
10 Backward

Behind the slightly philosophical wordplay and band name Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud is a collaboration between Guillaume Pintout, guitarist in Kwoon, and Cyrille Holodiuk, percussionist in Lost in Heaven. Both acts hail from Paris, so French beauty awaits the listener. Besides the guitars, bass, drums and piano regularly used in the post-rock genre, there is also cello and glockenspiel put to good use.  Along with their instrumental efforts, both Guillaume and Cyrille are heard on vocals, but in spoken verse rather than song with poetic lyrics adding a deeper dimension to the mood of this record.

In the first track, “Against All Odds” Cyrille’s voice instantly opens up for a journey through thoughtfulness, a searching for peace and loads of gentle tunes caressing aching hearts. Then “A Stolen Life”begins with the glockenspiel, sounding similar to an old musical box. It drifts over into soft picking of guitar strings, cello shivers, rising to tremolo guitars and literally exploding into an ache that makes it hard to breath. It leaves me almost stunned. Following “Such a waste”brings more vocals to the table, from Guillaume this time, combined with a somehow comforting scratching guitar. Halfway through “The air is on fire”I find myself gasping for air again. The longing tunes, tasting vividly bittersweet, is unmistakably beautiful. “Motionless”begins in silence, growing, steadily, into something powerful. Something fragile, yet strong. The stillness found in “The sun is already gone”passes over into distorted guitar and the sounds of children playing, laughing and screaming, making “The leaden sky”into some kind of lost memory, ending in raving sadness. Something like an essence of the record may be found in the lyrics to “Where earth meets sea” as the spoken verse flows like waves kissing timelessly on solid rock, making them smooth to touch and rest upon. “Leaves across the roads”is floating, once again effortless in building up a song from silent picking on strings to bombastic feelings. When the guitars of the final, “Backward” is ebbing away in the distance I want to do just that, run back, to do, feel, and live it all again.

“Every silver lining has a cloud”is a piece of wonderful post-rock. It feels genuine and inspiring in a genre where bands sometimes get falsely accused of sounding all the same. Every layer in every song on the album is bursting with true and wondrous sentimentality over all that life is, or could have been.

Overall it is a union of two creative minds, ten powerful songs and emotions beyond reckoning. Above that, this particular piece of post-rock is tremendously soulful. Dreamlike, it paints pictures of the fading light on a distant shore, whispers from salty winds, drifting clouds passing our heads full of heavy thoughts. It picks longing from the cry of a lonesome gull, borrows shudders from water drops landing on bare cheeks. In the profundity of all this lies such depth, such peaks, that makes time flow in another direction until the last tune has echoed away – across a wide grey sea, filled with both loss and hope.

Rating: 5/5