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Bloodshed Walhalla – The Legend of a Viking

Bloodshed Walhalla – The Legend of a Viking

Journalist Name: Navdi
Artist: Bloodshed Walhalla
Title: The Legend of a Viking
Label: Fog Foundation /Raptures Asylum Prod.
Cat. #: FOG002
Format: CD
Genre: Viking Metal

01 Son Of The War
02 Where’s My God?
03 Warrior Of The Northern
04. The Legends Will Sing Through The Wind
05 Born In Fire
06 Eternal Wind

Bloodshed Walhalla was founded in 2006 by multi-instrumentalist Drakhen, having his mind set on Bathory covers, this he did in the form of “One Rode to Asa Bay” “The Sword”and “The Woodwoman”. Soon the project grew to create it’s own compositions. After two demos from 2008 and 2009, the full-length debut “The Legend of a Viking”is born, supported by Italian record label Fog Foundation and distributed in Sweden by Salute Records. The demos were generally well saluted, but got some critique for recording issues, which to my ears seems to be all fixed and well by now.

In general “The Legend of a Viking”is exactly what it’s meant to be, a fair share of mead stinking Viking metal. The atmosphere of cold northern winds are there, just as well as beautifully swaying melodies and some truly skilled wielding of sword-sharp guitar playing. In some ways it might be seen as unbarked, but all the same every song comes across as confident. And more than a bit catchy. Names such as Thyrfing, Vintersorg and Windir crosses my mind when walking the glistening mountains of Bloodshed Walhalla, since there is a true Nordic feeling lingering among them. This is warrior songs, without doubt. Death is just as close as the ever present snow, soon to cover our steps with eternal white. Might there even be a raven of Odin soaring across the sky, keeping those tunes within its dome.

This record is in some ways a contradiction to me, loaded with prejudices of roots being important to expressions in art. But somehow I realise it must take some pure guts to come from Italy and record a Viking metal album. Of course anyone can dive into the deep pool of Viking myth and saga, to gulp down enough material for a song or two. But “The Legend of a Viking”is more than that. It has an honesty, impressing me deeply. If I had not known the origins of this album I would never had guessed the Mediterranean sun. More than that, it is in some meaning a work of remembrance of those who went before, carrying heavy legacy with dignity. All the time, not trying to be something else but true to one self. And to me, that is the Viking way above all others.

Rating: 5/5