Vomir – Application À Aphistemi

vomirapplication (1)
Written by: Pomo Brian

Artist: Vomir 
Title: Application À Aphistemi
Label: MaisonBruit – self released
Format: CD
Genre: Harsh Noise Wall

01. Paulina Semilionova Irait À L’Équarrissage
02. L’Apparence Du Vrai Est Un Moment Du Faux

Saying something new about Vomir is extraordinarily difficult. I’ve been listening to the notorious project since 2007. To be quite honest, very little has changed sonically over the years. Earlier recordings are a bit more high-pitched and there’s significantly more rumbling in the final mix nowadays. Other than that, the militant nihilist harsh wall noise of Vomir has resisted any and all change – at least up until “Application À Aphistemi.”

Before I describe these changes, it is necessary to try and get beneath the black plastic bag on top of Vomir’s head so that we know just what the hell he’s thinking. The title of this album means to withdraw or remove, e.g., Aphistemi. The word literally means to withdraw in a manner that instigates rebellion. The Greek root word here is apostasia and can refer to a Biblical, eschatological removal or the atheistic removal of one’s faith. Fortunately, none of these religious or political worldviews is appropriate for interpreting the music. The liner notes – which I confess I can only translate poorly – primarily discuss the dissolving individual within the confined and wilting disrepair of noise.

Vomir wants his noise to destroy our very consciousness. And it can certainly do that with ease. The first track on “Application À Aphistemi” is more or less what we’ve come to expect. Black clouds of rumbling atop radio static lurch in the background of your CD player. They never go away. They never get brighter. And your only escape relies in pushing a button. For me, the unchanging wall of rumbling that Vomir has so perfectly crafted is a stroke of genius. His unique style has singlehandedly created a subgenre of noise called wall. More than that, it’s made a new mystique of minimalism that harkens back to the days of modernist all black paintings from the likes of Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhardt, and Malevich. Psychologically speaking, this is the death of the individual Vomir fantasizes about. If you ever do doze off to his walls, you will experience a small near death meditative experience. Why? Because what is truly bruitiste never retreats.

The only new thing that “Application À Aphistemi” offers to the arsenal is a non-HNW means of dissolution individuelle. The last track is entitled “L’apparence Du Vrai Est Un Moment Du Faux” or the appearence truth is a moment of falsehood which is a quote from Guy Debord. Here, we find a song made by guitar with apparently no effects. It doesn’t change and has qualities similar to wall and drone sans electronic static rumbling. It also reminds one of a free music, folk freak-out after a fashion. In the end, it is effective and creates the psychological affect Vomir is going for: death.

Rating: 4/5

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