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Martin Schulte – Silent Stars

Martin Schulte – Silent Stars

Written by: Asche
Artist: Martin Schulte 
Title: Silent Stars
Label: RareNoise Records 
Catalogue: RNR011
Genre: Dub Techno/Ambient

01. 911
02. Galaxy
03. Monday
04. In My Memory
05. Evening
06. Space
07. The Fog
08. Observatory
09. Angels
10. Butterfly

I suppose there is a first time for everything. Coming from an ambient/neo-classical background, dub techno is certainly new for me. However, if it were all like this, I’d be a lot more interested in continuing the journey. Martin Schulte is a Russian-born musician who has been producing electronic music since 2002 (the year he turned 14, by the way). This album is his 7th of 8 releases thus far, and certainly speaks to the experience he has gained over the past decade.

Based on a premise of galaxies and deep space, this effort truly lends itself to the listener’s imagination. One can easily look through the mind’s eye and see the movement of stars, the gathering of solar systems, and the pulse of life in the heavens. It begins unobtrusively, gradually building layers and beats, sounds and pads in an ever-evolving journey. Never unsettling, this work maintains a fairly steady measure of pleasant darkness throughout. The tempos, mixed with it’s sound-mates, are truly a joy to hear as they unravel, playing back and forth through the mind. The artist truly mixes it up as time goes on, keeping each experience separate, but never breaking the commitment to the whole.

Especially pleasing are the random breaks in the beat structures, which allow for the permeating outer ambiance to truly sink in. These moments are golden, as they truly engross and involve, while at the same time keeping everything fresh and new. The track “911” would be a great example of this, as would “Evening” and especially “The Fog”. As the name suggests, this is probably the darkest song on the album, and my personal favorite.

One can truly imagine themselves in the outer cosmos with this one. Each song is long, but not too long. Each one weaves it’s own story, and the album as a whole allows for fantastic dreams and imagination. I was impressed with the skill, as well as the creativity on this release. It’s always nice when something both good and unexpected arrives and makes your day. A fantastic album from an artist I will surely be spending more time with in the year to come.

Rating: 5/5