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Ô Paradis – Carreteras

Ô Paradis – Carreteras

Written by: Dyonisian Apollo
Artist: Ô Paradis 
Title: Carreteras
Label: Old Europa Cafe 
Catalogue: OECD 149
Genre: Lounge / Post industrial

01 Nada Muere
02 Salir Corriendo
03 Las Vísceras De La Emoción
04 AP-7
05 движение
06 Ojos Cerrados
07 Aprendiendo Paisajes
08 Carretera Al Infierno
09 Rua Do Paradis
10 We Are Gentlemen
11 Reflejos En El Asfalto
12 El Mismo Hombre II
13 Ciudades Dormidas
14 Con Terror
15 Area De Descanso
16 Motel
17 La Última Curva

Ô Paradis is one of those bands that found a way with a distinctive character, somehow with a style to be recognized, uncompromised attitude and true followers of sound experimentation. But it has to be said that no matter how original one may be after a while the tricks and manoeuvres that made us famous may become monotonous and predictable, still a fan base may follows fanatically till the grave, always demanding a “new” album with exactly the same patterns and standards, but for that minority that demands more, the band would be practically dead. As we know many bands have fallen into this abyss, into that comforting niche of self putrefaction that stagnation is, this conformity of the spirit in which many artists succumb for comfort.

Ô Paradis seems to be changing fortunately and thus omitting their decadence by following the chance to evolve and to experience different roads without losing its own identity created. A dozen of releases have paved the base for defining the oneiric images of a post modern industrial and Mediterranean landscapes where angels and demons cohabit and many tragedies and existentialist episodes have been told, sometimes rivalling with the absurd and the strange. The character of this band has dealt with strange mix of influences, the post industrial sounds as the rhythmic background for a surreal ensemble comprised of outsider instrumental notes aside from enhancing sound exploration by sharing stage with other bizarre acts such as Novy Svet, Elli riehl, Thomas Nöla, Val Denham, Nature Morte and Escama serrada thus been able to submerge in the depths of Dark ambient, dreadfully tempt with Cabaret, shock with Monologue, Divert with Minimalism and hypnotize with Folk now they step into a new direction, Lounge electronica accomplishing an almost perfect circle for experimentation.

“Carreteras” is by definition a Lounge album, although presented with this opium core of futile reality so characteristic in Ô Paradis and as consequence having this weird dynamic while it unfolds upon the listener. The angst that has characterized most Ô Paradis discography seems to have this existentialist note surrounded by the surreal, sometimes so close to sharp despair and self abyss often abstracted in the colours of its psychedelic sound structures, nevertheless in “Carreteras” this feeling has been transmuted in some sort of calmed anguish permeated by electronic road vistas and sea waves seen from the tranquil setting inside the cabin of a speeding car, an allegory of life transition and multiple experiences and reflections is often perceived, revelations of love and solitude, of death and hell. There’s much maturity in lyrical and musical form, the tracks alternate with a tense serenity often paused by the sound monologue or the bizarre sample puzzles all encircled by the solid electronic rhythms. But above all a sense of self revelation goes through the music. The construction in whole comprises minimal electronica, glitch, some dub spices accompanied by incidental piano pieces and volatile guitar strolls, among which the characteristic Ô Paradis style for percussion through sound collage and warm instrumental innuendos, synth lines and sampler strangeness appears. The tracks softly evoke movement and progressions as the title suggest and later becomes a road soundtrack for a particular life’s experiences and perhaps a hint of serene acceptance from a determined fate.

The music is calm and perhaps chilling in general context whenever the soothing notes from the piano and the Mediterranean style on the Spanish guitar walk in pairs with the more electronic parts but sometimes the lyrics slightly contrasts with the feeling of relaxation from the musical structure becoming violent or even grotesque like in “Las vísceras de la emoción” or out of emotion like in “Ciudades dormidas”. Nevertheless the dormant despair so apparent in this album seems to find place for some dark romance like in “Ojos cerrados” or “We are gentlemen” where Thomas Nöla makes is a shadow guest or in the beautiful “Aprendiendo paisajes” where the listener may almost feel this resigned chant from Demian behind the dreamy guitar chords and the simple electronic sounds. All in all is said that what defines a good piece of music or art in general is using less for causing more effect, in that case Ô paradis has made it again, totally thumbs up and as usual uncompromised.

Rating: 5/5