Biomass – Energy

Written by Skarsnik
Artist: Biomass
Title: Energy
Label: Biometrax
Cat.#: BIOM001
Genre: Industrial/drone/dark ambient


01. Soar Acido
02. Serpent Sphinx
03. Serpentetraspeed
04. Phaseloc
05. Aquapolar
06. Minechamber

Sometimes repetition can be a pain to encounter, like a never-ending stagnation of boring and uninspiring similarities born from the inability to change and mutate. However there are certain times when I find a higher purpose embedded in the repetition of sound. Like a voice from a higher plane given meaning in the endless droning of a bleeding machine..

Biomass is mechanical mayhem of unrelenting digital sound combined together to form a relentless barrage of mesmerizing sounds from the depths of a dreaming machine. It is hard to put down in words all the peculiar things I first felt when the first layers of sound struck me with its repetitive yet highly addictive chorus of electronics. Some things need not, and cannot be explained by words alone, they have to be experienced first hand. Energy is one of those rare albums where the feeling can range from complete and utter bliss to an inability to cope with what the hell is going on behind the rumbling voices in the machine.

Listening to Biomass brought me to a strange sensation of symbiosis with the various sounds and symmetries that bombarded my ears. The music is hypnotically elegant in a powerful and graceful way. Some parts of it are akin to a serene brooding industrial landscape that slowly burst out into a fully-fledged rhythmical mayhem of war machines marching off into oblivion. The music is based around various repeating structures that can go on for quite some time yet I never had the feeling it was over the top. The delicate balance between the heavy layers of atmosphere and almost ritual overdrives of mechanical bass lines is totally dominating any sign of repetition gone wrong. The borderline between machines and music is a highly beautiful thing and trying to describe the dark symmetry that is Energy is about as easy as describing a new spectrum of colours. You need something to relate to and in this case the only thing I can even closely recall is that perfect radiance that sometimes emerges with clockwork precision in the depths of a laboratory.

Energy is brilliant in so many ways and deserves more attention. Serpent Sphinx is a slow and conjuring beat with a clear and defined structure that really summons forth intriguing pictures of the ancient gone cybernetic while Phaseloc is a monstrosity of excellence in its pounding mechanical heart and it leads away into a long and painfully intriguing rhythm. This is modern music for magic makers, like the ancient shamans turned to machinery heavily beating on drums in their quest for the machine god’s domains. Anyone even mildly interested in rhythmical electronics and heavy industrial atmospheres should give this album a try. It’s well worth the time spent dreaming off into a burning horizon, and after all, it is not that often that someone actually succeeds in making the machines talk.

Rate: 4/5

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Categories: Dark ambient, Drone, Industrial, MUSIC REVIEWS

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