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Aaron Martin & Justin Wright – Light Poured Out Of Our Bones

Aaron Martin & Justin Wright – Light Poured Out Of Our Bones

Written by: Rexington Steel
Artist links:
Aaron Martin 
Justin Wright 
Label : Preservation 
Catalog: CIRCA611
Genre: PostRock/Psychedelic
01 Brush Fire
02 Moon Smoke
03 Sleep Threaded Into Ashes
04 Shallow Breather
05 Light Poured Out Of Our Bones

There needs to be a second pairing that made this first one happen. It WILL be that much more awesome, I can feel it. This is pretty good, but I get a very strong feeling that this has the potential to be something of a foundation to even more compelling work by Sirs Martin and Wright. Would this have come in a month earlier to my collection, it would have made my list of top three albums I had reviewed this year. Its nice though, to close off the last days of the year with something this cool. Especially since I didn’t get to review all the rock I had hoped to. But here I go.

This work has a terrific sense of liberty and of beauty. The blending of Krautrock, psychedelia, and electronics can be a very powerful one if it is balanced adequately. This ep comes really close to that. The most brilliant and even touching moments occur as the first and final tracks, the middle being a showcase of the many capabilities both Aaron and Justin hold to create mind-bending soundscapes, paired with the correct mood, and having maintained a fresh sound, all at once. There are some old-school space-warbles in the second track, “Moon Smoke”, a very seventies horror flick-style synth and organ piece that somehow turns into the equivalent of sitting by a nice stream and fishing.

But the gems… “Brush Fire” is reminiscent of some more laid back, heroined-out surf-rock. There is a crazy wall off screeching electric guitar feedback that holds the whole thing together, and as it gets closer to the end, there is a foreboding sound of a low synth-oscilation that fades out tremendously well… Very exceptional track. The other piece I consider to be strong is the one that gives the ep its title. This track is worth mentioning because it has a very noticeably warm feel, and this was done with the right elements having heavy echoes and the right layering of the right drones. Heavenly is one way to describe it. I guess.

These two tracks are the ones that make me feel there should be more forthcoming collaborations by the two gifted artists here. I know it would produce something else very worthwhile.

Rating: 4/5