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Esoteric – Paragon of Dissonance

Esoteric – Paragon of Dissonance

Esoteric cover
Written by: Richter
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Label: Season of Mist
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal

CD 1:
01 Abandonment
02 Loss of Will
03 Cipher
04 Non Being
CD 2:
01 Aberration
02 Disconsolate
03 A Torrent of Ills

I’ve seen these guys live 2008 in Moscow and it really blew my mind away. Esoteric – this for the time being five men act – is a spring that slowly unwinds releasing great energy so that everybody goes nuts and melts in the lashing streams of musical plasma. This may not pass into the formula “Funeral Doom Metal” – and the band really eludes any categorization merging slow Death Doom riffs with droning noise and relaxed psychodelic guitar melodies that will inconspicuously turn into the fiery avalanche of raging sound that will grind down any matter it meets on its way. So to confront this music one needs endurance and strength. One also need time for the band is really taking it easy and does not set any boundaries to the creative thought letting songs flow for over fifteen minutes. Yet if you are attentive and dare to plunge into the dark ocean of Esoteric’s latest full-length album “Paragon of Dissonance” you will be rewarded.

Here the word combination “full-length” gets its real meaning as the album is released as a two-disc set with the total time span of an hour and a half. So be patient and let the waves of sound carry you to where only star dust floats in the black emptiness slowly expanding to the limits never thought of. Sometimes the music will try to lull you by beautiful lines – but this beauty is deceptive and the next moment you will be thrown out of you sleep into the pit full of snakes that will gnaw your flesh melted by the poisonous dissonances and venomous noise.

Let me warn you: listen to this album alone or only in company of an experienced sitter who will help you to get through this trip. I tried to listen to it when my girlfriend was in another room – and after a while she complained that she was sick of these sounds. So never try this on normal people – and better not venture into this desert without preparation for yourself. Get in the right mood, concentrate – and the bliss will pour onto you and your being will dissolve in the sonic continuum evoked to reality by these shamans guided through the remotest nooks of consciousness maybe by drugs and maybe just by the dominant will to see the core of all things through the bleak mist of everyday life.

Rating: 5/5