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Seventh Harmonic – Garden of Dilmun

Seventh Harmonic – Garden of Dilmun

Written by: Skarsnik
Artist link
Label: Out of Line Records
Genre: Neoclassical


01 Valensanimi
02 Aiode
03 Dilmun
04 Imbolc
05 Mabon
06 Eostre
07 Soporanimi
08 Beltane
09 Mneme
10 Litha
11 Samhain
12 Melete
13 Equianimi

Seventh Harmonic really gives a reason for the later part of their name. This all female band that consist of four extremely talented musicians and performers and at its centre shines Caroline Jago of Sol Invictus fame and the extremely talented Ann-Mari Thun of Arcana. The band was formed back in 1999 and has since released three albums, spent some time dormant and reformed in a rejuvenated state to release Garden of Dilmun. The albums theme is shaped around the three concepts of the muses, the wheel of the year, and the seasons of the heart and its music really captures the heart of the ethereal spirit.

The sound of Garden of Dilmun is parts bombastic percussions, parts floating dreaming vocals and parts lovely orchestration that brings into mind those ancient times undreamed of. The music really captures the essence of all that is good in the neoclassical genre and the vocals of Ann-Marie really fit the overall theme of this beautiful album. From the first song Valensanimi you know instantly if you are going to like this album or not and I am pretty confident that this is the best neoclassical album I have heard this year. However it is not completely flawless and the inherent beauty of songs such as Dilmun and the short but magical Beltane really points out those few songs that I found lacking. Soporanimi is heavier, slower and more distinct militaristic in its thundering booms and really breaks against the more angelic songs of the album. Equianimi is a mystery to me that really breaks the spell with its playful yet completely distinct rapid drumming tearing me from whatever soothing calm that the previous tracks have put me into. Now I understand that these complaints only steam from my own distinct taste and other might differ, but being ripped from immersion is never a good thing in my book.

However horrible I might become when it comes to the end of the line true beauty has always ensorcelled me and Garden of Dilmun holds moments of extreme beauty. Overall this is a strong and competent addition to an already impressive repertoire of the songbirds Caroline and Ann-Mari. It is gentle yet strong, intricate yet graspable and above all it’s a neoclassical journey performed by a group of highly talented individuals. Even though I find parts of this album lacking the overall aspect remains a potent prospector of my brooding soul. Garden of Dilmun is a great album and I highly recommend it to adorers of Arcana, Dark Sanctuary and Dargaard.

Rate: 4/5