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Terra Teratos – Meditations About Secret Of My Dark Destiny. Part 2

Terra Teratos – Meditations About Secret Of My Dark Destiny. Part 2

terra_teratos (2)

Written by: Skarsnik
Artist Link
Label: Electrica Caelestis
Genre: Dark Symphonic Ambient

01 Evil, my evil
02 The frail insanity
03 The twilight
04 Under the burden of dreams
05 The lifeless elixir
06 Look in the depth
07 Crater of night
08 Archaic
09 The princess
10 Dome of night sky
11 The winds [Bonus Track]
12 Enchanting spectacle (live) [Bonus Track]
13 Thurs (live) [Bonus Track]

Terra Teratos is a one-woman symphonic ambient black metal band from Russia, although the label of black metal should be taken with a spoonful of salt. Black metal nowadays is such a wide genre of sounds and shapes ranging from one guy with a synthesizer to three guys with guitars and trashcans as drums. Perhaps another proof of the thesis that black metal is indeed dead, long live the new wave of blackened troll music.. Terra Teratos or Katerina Horoshiltseva is one hell of a creator with a legion of other acts in the ambient, symphonic and generally black areas of music all lending its influences to this album. This combination of different styles and genres blends perfectly into a cauldron of pitch black darkness brewed to near perfection, and thus begins our journey through infinity.

Meditations about secret of my Dark destiny is a gloomy odyssey through a huge variety of styles and sensations all defined by a dark and highly enjoyable atmosphere. In many ways this album reminded me of old computer games to such a degree that a mighty flashback occurred to the days when life was less hectic and more about living the dreams then dreaming the life. The composition and music reminded me of the excellent soundtracks of John Carpenter and Kevin Schilder. The soundscape can only be describes as an unholy mixture of horror soundtracks and ambience harvested straight from the forlorn forests of some forgotten realm of fantasy. The instrumentalisation is awesome and works in a weird symbiosis with dark and really gloomy drums, and as a lover of the minimal and synthetic sound this is a goldmine.

Dissecting the various bits and pieces of this album was a true pleasure for this lover of the unknown and highlights such as the tracks Under the Burden of Dreams and The Frail Insanity was awesome in its horrible mixture of slow beating drums and a grand piano leading the dance into degeneration and lunacy. Another great section is the slowly building sensation that comes from a variety of strings in Crater of Night, a delicate yet deadly flower of sounds and atmosphere. One could say that this album is a gathering of thoughts from a dark and brooding soul and it highly reflects my judgement over it. The album is more symphonic then it is ambient and its way more dark then it is gloomy and intriguing yet it contains a great mix of all the previously mentioned styles and blends them seamlessly together. When the live performance of Thurs slowly fades out inside my small, gloomy apartment I feel the weight of the atmosphere dim out like a wraith vanishing into the darkness.. This is indeed excellent music for dark dreamers and poets of the unspeakable. I highly recommend this album to anyone interested in a dark and brooding orchestrated atmosphere woven into music for lost souls. Terra Teratos have a grand future indeed and this album proves that true atmosphere can be conjured up from many different sounds and styles..

Rate 4.5/5