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Burial Hex – Book of Delusions

Burial Hex – Book of Delusions

Written by: Jhon Robert Longshaw
Artist Link
Label: Brave Mysteries
Genre: Dark Ambient/Horror/Experimental

01 Final Litany
02 Urlicht
03 Crowned & Conquering Child
04 The Book of Delusions

The missive craters, quaking into the shards of illusion, to reflect that which conceals the concealer….. The brave mysteries unleash another congression of the ethereal in the wanderings of Burial Hex through the Book of Delusions, a strange testament to the regression of the senses, throughout each depth we reach a height.

We set upon this path in the tomb of the ancients , manipulating the pan – geometric nightmares alighting the distortions. Each rattle of vibration, invoking disrupt to weave the backwards paths mutiny. We devour this book of forbidden kings and the trees of death exhuming the leaves execrations. Amid this, glass invitations emerge, unto the hypnotic fields we are swept and swallowed, purged, without aveolate labyrinths, rhythms inject rushing rivers of translucent stilled visions.

Entranced by the swans who with choirs and abstractions we traverse this woe of imaginations, infinity ad infinity. Instilled in larval purulence, emanate antennas stygian penetrations, the inverse light shall we consume as the sacrament of internal dreams unwinds branches of waters mirage, eclipsed by thine art all shall be in delusion, Christ invoked and banished, desiccated as with the deterioration of sun, the concave minds divulge great adornments. The inverse angels stir, the crowned and conquering, resplendent 11 unto your crowns are yearned. Apparitions swim in equine copulations, breathing the prostitutions wings. Whip their eyes of falsity, anguished exhortations torture the senses of illumination, let the desire of this height reach its depth…

Rating: 5/5