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Regul – Покои Вечной Мерзлоты [Chambers Of Permafrost]

Regul – Покои Вечной Мерзлоты [Chambers Of Permafrost]

Regul cover
Written by: Skarsnik
Artist Link: n/a
Label: BadMoonMan Music
Genre: Pagan Black Metal


01 Jarym Ognem Nebo Gorit
02 Pokoi Vechnoj Merzloty
03 Holod Zamerzshih Serdec
04 Moroza Bezzhalostnyj Gnev
05 T’ma Poljarnoj Nochi
06 Toska Karpatskih Lesov
07 Krik Umirajuwej Prirody

Regul is quite an interesting band. Although I find it labelled as Pagan Black Metal the truth is a much more interesting thing.. All in all I would say that Chambers of Permafrost is a combination of Atmospheric Black Metal and Black Ambient with some Pagan/Heathen elements thrown into the pot. At first glance I found the album intriguing in its artistic and mystical cover but soon I found out that it would keep growing on me..

Serenity does not come easily for a soul who drinks deep from the corruption of civilisation. Few are those hours when I find myself lost to lucid dreaming haunted by phantasmal landscapes of forgotten times, drifting through time and space like a bumblebee soaring through a never-ending garden of dream born flowers. Chambers of Permafrost is the very essence of black ambient; each song is a fine mix of synthesisers and creeping guitars that combine together like day and night forming a tangible layer of atmosphere. The essence of atmosphere is something that many of the otherwise talented musicians have a hard time grasping. Its just not the addition of synthesisers and a eerie score that creates atmosphere it’s the many small things put together. Hell there is tons of more atmosphere in the soundtrack of Hexen by Kevin Schilder then I do in many of the never additions to the evergrowing army of atmospheric black metal acts. Regul however nails this nigh perfectly in every aspect, although the music might not be anything complexly groundbreaking it delivers perfection in the field it handles the best.

The album constantly drifts along a borderline of atmosphere and sensations. If you ever need a soundtrack for a grim and dark fantasy book this album is a great selection. I am pretty sure my deranged love for synthesisers of not so classy standards is helping this album take wings in ways ordinary people might not understand. The clash between the electronic soundscapes and the slow but doom laden guitar leads the mind to vistas of untold legends and the growling vocals lingers in the background like some ancient evil stirring in its sleep. All in all I can’t really find anything to complain about and although im pretty sure that there will be plenty of individual who finds this raw and primeval recording lacking in some ways it’s just those qualities I find refreshing. The clash between the rather pure and angelic electronics and the gritty and demonic guitars and vocals are another part of Chambers that I really came to adore. The contrast between the two individual sensations is really a thing I appreciate since it blends the light tones of the ambient structures with the heavier parts into a splendid pacing of beauty and everlasting torment.

Some hazy drifting moments later and after devouring this much of Chambers of Permafrost I can easily proclaim Regul to be a new star on my horizon.. Chambers of Permafrost is a mixed back containing elements of atmosphere, depressive black metal, paganism and a sense of fantastic dreamlands lost to the race of man. This album has my warmest recommendations for its genuine and heartfelt atmosphere as well as for its intriguing and lasting impression. A true gem in the pale winter night..

Rating: 5/5