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I Left the Planet – I Left the Planet

I Left the Planet – I Left the Planet

I Left the Planet - Front cover - 300 dpi
Written by: Skarsnik
Artist Link
Label: Adversum
Genre: Dark Metal/Dark Jazz


01 Diamond. Hazard
02 Dark. Blue
03 Soft. Mad

The attributes of the music and general sensation I had while listening to I Left the Planet is really a hard thing to describe. While the promotional text I received with the album was hinting towards something in the styles of dark metal combined with dark jazz the music is far beyond both of these quite bland and generic labels stamped on todays ordinary music. If only the words where less limited, but alas I stand with a far too meagre collection of expressions to fully put to text what I Left the Planet is all about.

I Left the Planet is a project apparently recorded ages ago in the year 1996 when members of Fleurety, Ved Buens Ende and Virus gathered together to make a single album. The result is quite an interesting blend of several different settings and sounds that really shows of both talent and a will to evolve. From the first track Diamond Hazard to the end of the album there is a certain feeling of raw but controlled confusion. For the distant listener this musical whirlpool might be hard to grab for the first couple hours and to be honest I am still a bit mixed in my standing towards it. On one hand I love how Dark Blue swirls between spoken language, sensual female vocals and the more controlled barrage of riffs but on the other I can’t get it to deliver a coherent feeling. Perhaps this is the case, that some of the music is meant to be a borderline between insane and genial at the same time. Speaking of insanity and speech, the lingering spoken vocals on some of the tracks are just out there. The words might be ordinary and for some reason I believe them to be completely coherent yet I cant grasp for a moment what the meaning behind could be. The best place to hide something is said to be in plain sight and perhaps there is a message there, I just can’t grasp it within my twisted imagination. Soft Mad is the loud finisher of the album and wanders within the same weird realm as the earlier song, but this is also the point of no return. The effect is that of a potent liquor finally kicking in turning a previously shy individual into a deranged succubus of destruction.

All in all I sense nonsense to vague to make sense, and that is a part of the lyrics suited to describe it all. Yet I feel that I Left the Planet have a very tangible sense of presence around it. It’s a fine piece of craftsmanship and with a sense of awe my soul lingers on. This feels like the end of a long and perilous journey into realms forgotten. I Left the Planet feels like something taken straight out of the weirdest parts of Twin Peaks and for that I admire the architects of this madness. An album recommended to anyone into heavily experimental jazz and otherwise intriguing mixtures of brooding lounge music, perhaps you might unlock the wyrd that I cannot.

Rate: 3/5