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Post-industrial News 16th September, 2011

Post-industrial News 16th September, 2011

Post-industrial News 16th September, 2011


COLD SPRING has announced a new release that is due to ship on the 21st of September, a new split LP (CSR153LP) from BURIAL HEX and IRON FIST OF THE SUN.  These power electronics / industrial giants are known through releases on UNREST PRODUCTIONS, AURORA BOREALIS, CUT HANDS, and SNSE.  The title of the split will be “Actaeon / Grown Under English Ice”.

Preorder:  http://www.coldspring.co.uk/discography/csr153lp.php

EMPYRIUM have announced one more one-off concert, continuing this brief reunion into 2012.  On January 21st, Empyrium will be playing with DORNENREICH at the Christuskirche in Bochum, Germany.

Order Tickets:


On October 21st, DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED will release their new album “A l’Aube des Jours Anciens”.  The album will be published by AUBE ET CREPUSCULE.  This album will pick up where “Remergence” left off 4 years ago.

Info:  http://dawnduskentwined.blog.com

PROJEKT has announced the release (finally!) of A Dark Cabaret, a new collection of Projekt artists including VOLTAIRE, BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL, SPIRITUAL FRONT, and ATTRITION amongst others.  Available for $6.98.  In addition, Prjoektfest will be happening this year on November 12th at The Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the show, so get yours before hand!

More Information:  http://www.projekt.com/

DEBEMUR MORTI RECORDS have made a new song from ARCHGOAT’s upcoming mini-album available for listening.  The track is available at http://snd.sc/p1jemq and is entitled “Blessed Vulva”.  In addition, the label is now taking preorders for “777 – The Desanctification” by BLUT AUS NORD, “INVH” by REX MUNDI, “In Bondage to the Serpent” by NUNFUCKRITUAL, and “Heavenly Vulve (Christ’s Last Rites)” by ARCHGOAT.  Anyone who preorders will qualify for free postage plus they’ll receive the limited first batch edition in black polycarbonate CD.

Preorder Here:  http://www.eitrin.com/

are SUTCLIFFE JUGEND, COSTES, and BIZARRE UPROAR, and they’ll be supported by SILENT ABUSE, ANTICHILDLEAGUE, and BAGMAN.  Tickets are £12 in advance and £13 at the door.

Purchase Tickets at http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/

GLACIAL MOVEMENTS has released the new offering of BVDUB entitled “I Remember (translations of ‘Mørketid’)”.  BVDUB is the project of Alessandro Tedeschi, aka NETHERWORLD.   More beautiful cold ambient as has been come to be expected from Glacial Movements.  This one isn’t dark persay, but rather intuitive.

Info:  http://www.glacialmovements.com/

INFRASTITION have announced two new releases in “Histoires de France” by OPERA MULTI STEEL and a self-titled recording from LES MAITRES.  Both are double-disc offerings.  This will be the first release this year from Opera Multi Steel, whom have released sparsely though they were proficient in the late 80’s.  Their last blend of folk and darkwave-tinged neoclassical was released on WAVE RECORDS last year.  The Les Maitres release seems to be a re-release from an early 80’s little known New Wave project.

Info:  http://www.infrastition.com/

A new exhibition will be opening in Berlin on the 24th of September involving the art of DAVID TIBET and ANDREW GILBERT.  The joint art show, entitled “Hallucinatory Mahdis and Aeons” will be at Nationalmuseum, Urbanstrasse 100, 2. Hof, 1. Etage, 10967 Berlin.

You may find more info at:  http://copticcat.greedbag.com/

The WROCLAW FESTIVAL will be taking place this year from Thursday October 10th to Sunday the 13th.  Bands involved this year are SIEBEN, AMBER ASYLUM, ZOVIET FRANCE, DER BLUTHARSCH AND THE INFINITE CHURCH OF THE LEADING HAND, and SKROL amongst many others.

More Information:  http://www.industrialart.eu/festival
Tickets, contact:  [email protected]

DRAKKAR RECORDS has released a new 12″ / CD from SLAVIA entitled “Integrity and Victory”.  The LP is limited to 300 copies.  This anti-christian black metal project struggled from 1998 – 2003 with a prolific collection of demos and promos but finally struck a nerve in 2003 with Norwegian Black Terror Assault, which was also released on Drakkar.

Purchase:  http://www.drakkar666.com/

AVANT! RECORDS have made available for preorder a new release from KING DUDE, a relative newcomer to the US Dark Folk scene mixing various elements of traditional 70’s folk ala Bob Dylan and the notable early neofolk pioneers DEATH IN JUNE and SOL INVICTUS.  Apocalyptic ballads immersed in satanic and pagan imagery.

Preorder:  http://avantrecs.bigcartel.com/product/king-dude-tonight-s-special-death-lp

UK’s PERIPHERAL RECORDS recently put out the debut release from Russia’s FEAR KONSTRUKTOR — a 7″ vinyl offering full of drone ambient.  Pro-printed sleeve with insert.

Order:  http://www.peripheralrecords.co.uk/

FREAK ANIMAL / INDUSTRIAL RECOLLECTIONS have announced several new recent releases including CONTROL RESISTANCE – Delcaration 1994-2011, DMDN – Agonistes 1+2, GRUNT – Europe after Storm, IRON FIST OF THE SUN – I will Never have the Right, and WILL OVER MATTER – Lust for Knowledge.  Control Resistance contain the power electronics fans have come to know the band for, but in the form of compilation appearances, a 10″ release, side projects tracks and an unreleased track from 2011.  Grun and DMDN both specialize in Power electronics / industrial noise, while recent Cold Spring newcomer Iron Fist of the Sun towers over the well-produced experi-p.e. field.  Will over Matter Take the cake on the experimental front though, approaching industrial noise from an esoteric angle.

Contact:  http://www.cfprod.com/fa/

BOB BELLERUE currently has an art show that has opened as of September 11th entitled “Symmys / Assymmys” at Small Engine Gallery in Albuquerque, NM.  The show will feature symmetrical montages and employ ‘found’ photographs of women on the internet, creating portraits of hybridized creatures by amplifying their sensual attributes which make them valuable.

Info:  http://www.facebook.com/smallenginegallery

JOHN WEISE has recently attained a monumental feat in prolific musicians — that is, he has released his 100th 7″ record.  The record, in celebration, is a lock-groove that contains a homogenous full frequency sound.  This release is entitled “Exhausted Spectral Incantation”.  This will be released on HELICOPTER, as well as a new LHD one-sided 7″, “Veiled”, which is an archival recording from the project’s first session in August of 2002.   Limited to 80 copies.  Also released and related are HEAVY SEALS – “Neurotic Asphyxiation” one-sided 7″ (FAST WEAPONS), BRAIN ROETTINGER & JOHN WIESE – “03.01.11” 7″ (HAND HELD HEART), and SISSY SPACEK – “Black and White Section” one-sided 7″ (RUDE FANS).

Information:  http://www.john-wiese.com/

DER BUNKER RECORDS have released two new tapes recently, HAL HUTCHINSON – Amplified Steel and MANIA / HAL HUTCHINSON – Split tape.  Amplified Steel says it all, a raw acoustic metal junkfest, while the split contains the same on Hal’s end.  Mania bring dynamic industrial noise to the table with tight and tense writing.  Both are limited to 100 and are £5.00 + S&H.

Visit:  http://derbunkerrecords.blogspot.com/

BIZARRE AUDIO ARTS have released a new collaborative CD-R between the South American power electronics artists EXACTOR MORTIS and ARMENIA.  $6.00 in the US, $10.50 for Europa / Asia.

Paypal:  [email protected]

NO VISIBLE SCARS have released a new split LP between MANIA and CUSTODIAN.  Each artist has contributed four new tracks and run the gammut from raw old school industrial noise to brutal harsh noise.  Comes with a double-sided insert.

Samples:  http://soundcloud.com/novisiblescars
Order:  http://novisiblescars.bandcamp.com/

BUTTE COUNTY FREE MUSIC SOCIETY have released a new GLANDS OF EXTERNAL SECRETION 2xLP.  Regarded as “tunes, texts, and tracts in this survey of the exceptional, the eccentric, the feverish, and the pathologically peculiar within popular belief. 70+ minutes of music fragments leeched of melody and harmony, reinterpreted, overhauled, mangled, looped, hacked, noisified and depassionated, emerging like seared remnants of a torched London happening from 1966. With 24 x 36 poster. Tedium House copies include an extra 29-minute CDR.”

More info:  http://www.tediumhouse.com/labels/bufms

WORTHLESS RECORDINGS have released a number of couple of new tapes, the first being BURIAL GROUND’s second part of the GEORGE A. ROMERO trilogy.  Single-sided C32 with one zombie-laden track of harsh noise.  Limited to 30 copies, $5 Postpaid in the US.  Next is a split between IGLOO MARTIN and BUD CORT.  Igloo Martian utilizes layering to build his wall of noise while Bud Cort prefers the act of droning into frantic static oblivion.  Limited to 48 copies, $5 postpaid.

Interested?:  http://www.worthlessrecordings.blogspot.com/

Due in part to the intial demand for SWEET SOLITUDE RECORDS’ limited release of Pour Vous, the project behind the release, FATALE, is offering a limited re-run of the album.  Initially limited to 20 copies, this one is long oop, so get your copy while you can.

Purchase:  Paypal $5 US / $7 Worldwide to [email protected]

CARDINAL RECORDS has released their third offering, “Domestic Disturbances”, a split/collab by BRIAN RURYK & FOSSILS.  Brian Ruryk focuses on the realm of guitar-based noise and Fossils have existed in several formations.  Both are prolific and it was perhaps only a matter of time before the two clashed.  Limited to 100, 50 red, 50 blue.  $17.50 + S&H.  All orders ship with free gifts.

Purchase:  http://www.cardinalrecords.blogspot.com/

A new benefit compilation has been released by OBSOLETE UNITS and is being sold to benefit the SILENT BARN, a DIY venue in New York that was shut down by authorities, and subsequently robbed and vandalised.  The venue was one of the longest-running of its kind and the compilation will feature C. SPENCER YEH, AARON DILLOWAY, LONG DISTANCE POISON, FOSSILS, and BEN MILLER amongst others.  Available for $12 as a download and $15 as a 2xCD-R which will be shipping beginning October 1st.

More Info:  http://www.obsoleteunits.com/

NEON MARSHMALLOW MUSIC FESTIVAL will be taking place in New York City on October 14th – 16th at Public Assembly Brooklyn.  You’ll be able to get a ton of free alcohol in you over the weekend so get there and enjoy it!  Artists involved inluce, amongst others, GROUPER, JAMES FERRRO, RHYS CHATHAM, ALAN LICHT, and MANDELBROTT & SKY.

Information & Tickets:  http://www.neonmarshmallow.com/

ANABOLIC DIMENSIONS has made a new release available for preorder:  “Awakening” C30 by CROWN OF CERBERUS.  The following aural explanation has been offered:  “”Crown of Cerberus serves as a tribute to the beauty and might of strong women. Taking influences from the art of Albrecht Dürer, the philosophy behind tarot’s, as well as the powerful emotions that arise out of love. Focusing solely on tape loops and cassettes, this is not meant to be pristine entirely. It is meant to be the reflective depths of ones soul. HAIL THE CROWN AND HER MAJESTY.””

Consume:  http://www.anabolicdimensions.bigcartel.com/

After a ton of splits with the likes of AGATHOCLES, TORTURING NURSE, and PAUCITIES, DISLEKSICK have released a grand opus of pure noisecore.  16 tapes.  30 seconds a piece.  Limitation of 12.  All horrific attempts to destroy your eardrums with bad metal and pop covers, raw recordings, mistakes, feedback, the works.  Incredible and insane.  $35 to Canada, $40 to America, post-paid.  Only 3 left!

Purchase:  [email protected]

IRRATIONAL TENTENT have released four new tapes for your aurally destructive pleasure:  “Dime Piece in the Ruff” by WHITE LEATHER (limited to 29 copies), “Bustados Gusanos” by WHITE BOSS (limited to 40 copies), “To End all Cycle Again” by ACCELERATION TURN (edition of 20), and “Agony of Time” by PARTICLE MAGAZINE (limited to 10 copies.)  $5.00 Post-paid in America / Canada, $8.00 for double casettes.

Buy / Questions:  [email protected]

TREE has released a new handmade CD-R (with coverart, envelope) entitled Time and Space on STEELE GRINDER.  You can get a copy for $4 (postage included).  No elaborate packaging.

Questions:  http://www.steelegrinder.blogspot.com/