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Fyrnask to Release Debut album via Temple of Torturous

Fyrnask to Release Debut album via Temple of Torturous

Fyrnask, a German Ambient Black Metal Project will release their debut album called “Bluostar” on 2011.9.19 via Swedish based Temple of Torturous Records.
Arisen from the womb of the earth, Fyrnask is creating images of times and places long forgotten and which origins are only indirectly accessible for mankind.

The dead corpses of our ancestors and the artifacts they have crafted, they tell us the old stories that are lying in the deep gloomy waters of northern europe. Inspired by these stories, old rituals, pangermanic-spiritism, decay, bloom and nature itself the first demo “Fjǫrvar ok benjar” was born in October 2010. The demo has got a splendid resonance among both fans and presses,

In order to furthermore remain true to the visions as well as to follow their own paths, Fyrnask have teamed up with ToT Records in order to release their debut album “Bluostar”:

“…only our husks are here. The skies above us are frost. Even the stars here shrivel with coldness.
Only shadows on gaunt horses that cross the empty landscapes with empty bellies and quivers full, and their eyes full of envy and hate.
We are left to wander at the worlds dizzying edges…”

Musically, “Bluostar” can be best described as a combination of classic black metal rooted from the harsh landscapes of Northern Europe together with an eerie ambience which can be only witnessed in the darkest rites from primeval times.

To quote a reference, FYRNASK’s debut is a perfect mixture of Paysage D’hiver and Fauna!

2 unrepresentative tracks of the album can be checked under media player section on our homepage.


This fine piece of art is recorded in 2010 – 2011 in Dinspel, Germany, and mastered in Aleph Studios, US by Mell Dettmer who is known for her great contribution to albums of Sunn o))), Earth, Boris, etc.

Visulization of the album is done by At the Ends of Earth Designs (Kampfar, Drautran, etc).

Finally ToT records will present this album in digisleeve CD format and with a 12-page booklet.

First 100 customers will receive deer bones as die hard bonus.

Pre-order taken soon, stay tuned!


Temple of Torturous

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Coming Soon:
(ToT011) FYRNASK – “Bluostar” DigiCD