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Fraternitas Luminis Universalis Ordo – Ciclo de Thule

Fraternitas Luminis Universalis Ordo – Ciclo de Thule

by Elena ZG

Label: Gradual Hate
Genre: Dark Ambient/Experimental/Breakbeat


01 Thule
02 Ex norde lvx
03 Cryognosis
04 Fenris Invicto

So, if I understand it right, Fraternitas Luminis Universalis Ordo (FLUOR), a one-man project, coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 1998, is a member of aesthetic movement Magic – Incubista (mix of incubus + cubism), originated by Diego Arandojo and Sebastián Zurutuza. Ciclo de Thule is a reissue of the musical part from Trilogia Incubica, that consisted of the medium-length films “Cycle of Thule” (2006), “The Incubus’s Panopticon” (2006) and “Opus 23” (2007). The album is issued on Gradual Hate Records, an intensively developing label for various kinds of music – from neoclassical to dark ambient and noisy industrial.

Thule historically is a region in far north (and Ultima Thule was the end of the world in geographical sense), it was considered to be an island, but nowadays it is identified with Norway (and sometimes with entire Scandinavia). In mythology, Thule/Hyperborea was sometimes considered to be a nordic equivalent of Atlantis, being inhabited with wise, strong and superior human beings and then used as an important symbol for occult and mystic communities.

I like different types of music and written for various purposes. But overall I have some unexplainable reverent feeling towards the albums that are filled with a clear idea called upon to reflect deeper feelings or some defined topics, particularly mythological ones. Ciclo de Thule is somewhat even more special. You would ask: why? Because if dark ambient is somehow expectable for reflection of mythological topics and images (I guess darker ones), breakbeat (making first appearance in the second track – Ex Norde Lux) which we recognize without any effort on this record, is somewhat uncommon. The main layout of the album is dark ambient, which sometimes sounds like field-recordings (Cryognosis) and then makes us think to Deutsch Nepal thanks to pulsating and sharp sound beats (Fenris Invicto), still accompanied by broken beats that remind of measured and calm steps, and noisy, crunchy and windy background that brings the vision of vast fields covered with snow and framed by far away northern mountains: so cold and somewhat frightening. Second part of Fenris Invicto takes us to the undergrounds, where the echo of distant sounds of a probable ritual makes you shiver. The sounds in the background give you a feeling that you are approaching something, so in the end the track reaches its culmination (which is also not so distinctive for dark ambient, I believe) and then slowly and noisy fades away. Thule track again brings the vision of windy vast fields, but this time they have no beginning and no end – just imagine plainly grey open space during the night under clear skies… Or maybe there is a blizzard approaching? Somewhere in the middle, the track turns for some time from dark ambient into rhythmic industrial. But then it comes back almost where it has started. Everything becomes silent and what you can here is creepy sounds on a background layer, some heavy knocks from time to time and approaching sound of the blizzard. As if you were on the other side of a heavy door, you cannot move, but still it has cracks that allow you to hear and maybe see (?) what’s happening behind.

Overall, it is was an exciting and sometimes frightening journey to the very end of the world. It is the one to be listened to when blizzard is knocking your window.

Rating: 4/5