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“Free as Dead” Is a Horror Film Centered Between “Begotten” and “Beauty and the Beast”

[*]This article also contains a review of the film’s original soundtrack, which is available separately from Lighten Up Sounds. Romain Perrot (Vomir) and Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture) have only been ...


Exclusive! Premiering Two Tracks from Beyond Enclosure’s “Dungeon of Total Void”

Beyond Enclosure is the duo of Samantha Diabolik and Andre Coelho, of the sadly defunct Sektor 304, and their first album together Dungeon of Total Void will be released tomorrow on painful sounds stalwart Malignant ...


Giveaway! Win a Copy of ‘Tunes for a Twilight, Tears for a Lifetime’ by Of the Wand And the Moon

It’s been a good year for fans of Of the Wand and the Moon and Kim Larsen. While we might still be waiting for a new album, 2016 did see the release ...

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New Releases from Killer Bug, Facialmess, Richard Ramirez, Plagues, Unsustainable Social Condition, and New Forces Zine #6

Brand new full-length LP from this Japanoise legend. Killer Bug is the ...

Dan Seagrave’s ‘Migrators’ Opening Reception

Please join Eridanos and Dan Seagrave on September 17th for the Opening ...

Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics and Noise Culture

Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics and Noise Culture is the first book ...

New Material From Negură Bunget and Alcest, Pre-orders are Being Taken Now

Negură Bunget’s new album, “ZI” (‘Day’ or ‘Say in English’) is the ...

Forest People, Stags, and Witches: The Untold Story of Folk Medicine by Wolf D Storl

This absorbing history of medicine takes the reader on a sweeping journey ...
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Egan Budd of Xiphoid Dementia and Existence Establishment Announces New Neofolk Project

Those of you who follow our noise coverage will no doubt recognize ...

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JK Flesh Rise Above Crop

Justin Broadrick Gets Robotic in All the Right Ways on JK Flesh’s “Rise Above”

The volume of material that has been written about Justin Broadrick and his multitude of musical projects can no doubt be measured in pure metric tonnage, but there is a reason for this. For almost thirty-five years, he’s been crafting extreme music that has undeniably played a key role in the birth of several genres. […]

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Ekra A Shelter for Stolen Teddybears Crop

Ekra – A Shelter for Stolen Teddybears

The first impressions for this 2014 CD on Looney-Tick Productions suggest that it’s going to be a tiresome instrumental post-rock record, one of the faceless swarm of Explosions in the Sky plagiarists, or watered-down Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The cover art (which is, in itself, quite pleasing) fits, and the track titles (gems like “I […]

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Satori’s Originator Emerges from the Shadows with ‘The Hanging’

Infect by Satori, released in 1993, is one of the best power electronics albums of that era, and criminally underappreciated. Even though it is not an “album” as such, but a compilation of tracks culled from their cassettes of the mid-to-late eighties, it flows like a malevolent river, pulling the listener along to a bleak […]

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Aderlating Hell Follows Crop

Aderlating’s “Hell Follows” Will Paint Your World in the Bleakest Shades of Black

Since their inception in the late 2000s, Aderlating (Eric Eijspaart and Maurice De Jong, who individually make up all or parts of Mowlawner, Gnaw Their Tongues, the newly founded It Only Gets Worse, and a host of others) have released a string of splits, full-lengths, and miscellaneous limited releases that would be more than adequate for […]

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Phonothek Lost in Fog Crop

Dark Ambient Finds an Unusual Dark Jazz Partner Genre in Phonothek’s “Lost in Fog”

You might not think that jazzy horns and dark ambient would necessarily be a match, but Phonothek would like you to reconsider.  The husband-wife duo from Tbilisi have created an album of hybrid styles that captures a strangely alluring atmosphere.  Lost in Fog, their debut album, dwells partly in a 1920s-flavored alternate reality, and partly […]

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Swans The Glowing Man Crop

Swans – The Glowing Man

I’m not completely sure why I prefer The Glowing Man over To Be Kind, to be honest. Comparisons between the two are practically inevitable; Swans have created an experience closely similar to their last record, not simply in terms of the music’s uneasy atmosphere, lavish arrangement, and unwieldy length, but with regards to the way […]

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The Joy of Nature A Roda do Tempo Crop

The Joy of Nature’s “A Roda do Tempo” Is the Sound of the Most Subtle Elements of Nature

It is rare, if ever, that a band’s background reflects so deeply on its music and becomes a part of the listening experience itself. The Joy of Nature, founded in 1999 as the Joy of Nature and Discipline by sole member Luis Couto (with several different collaborators across each album), began in the place of […]

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Woljager Van't Liewen Un Stiawen Crop

Wöljager – Van’t Liëwen un Stiäwen

Marcel ‘Skald Draugir’ Dreckmann is well-known in the German metal scene for his work with Helrunar and Árstíðir lífsins. Both are excellent pagan-themed black metal bands. His most recent project Wöljager, however, ventures into acoustic territory. Van’t Liëwen un Stiäwen (Of Life and Death) is a record that explores the local history of Münsterland—an area […]

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Prana Crafter Rupture of Planes Crop

Prana Crafter – Rupture of Planes

‘Beneath the post-industrial underground’ best describes my encounter and critical placement of Prana Crafter and their Rupture of Planes sophomore full-length release. How I somehow managed to bypass this act in my online music travels annoys me greatly. Having said that, William Sol hasn’t gone to great lengths to utilise the vast array of modern […]

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Matthew Collings A Requiem for Edward Snowden Crop

Matthew Collings – A Requiem for Edward Snowden

A Requiem for Edward Snowden is such an enjoyable release—that is, if ‘enjoy’ is the right word.  Imagine the brooding darkness and woodwinds of old Univers Zero and the sweeping emotional strings of Godspeed You Black Emperor, layered with a creepy subtle electronic glitchiness, like the Kronos Quartet collaborating with Merzbow (on one of those […]

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