“Disco’s Out… Murder’s In! The True Story of Frank the Shank and L.A.’s Deadliest Punk Rock Gang”

Everyone who’s been to a party and talked to a charismatic stranger full of crazy stories has experienced it: the exact moment when it dawns on you that you may ...


Exclusive: Premiering the New Video from Haus Am Rand

The name Haus Am Rand may not be familiar to many of you yet, but the man behind it likely is: Jan Carleklev has an enviable track record as a creative force ...


Giveaway: Win Two Tickets to See Death in June in London!

There is no artist that has influenced the neofolk genre like Douglas Pearce. It’s not even a competition. 2016 marks 30 years since Pearce became the sole driving force behind Death in ...

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Malignant Records Confirms October Release of ‘Calm Morbidity’ From Long-Running Death Industrial Act Steel Hook Prostheses

This October, Malignant Records will release the impending tenth full-length release by ...

Lament Cityscape and Theologian Present ‘Soft Tissue’ Collaborative Full-Length

Recorded between Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016, Soft Tissue is a towering ...

Worm Ouroboros: Dark Ethereal Doom Alchemists To Release ‘What Graceless Dawn’ Full-Length Via Profound Lore This Winter; New Track Posted

With their third full-length, What Graceless Dawn, dark ethereal doom alchemists Worm ...

Profound Lore Records Presents ‘Mute Books’, The Third Full-length Album From Auroch

 The band’s most devastating works yet have been captured on the unrelenting ...

Harrow to Release ‘Fragments of a Fallen Star’ on CD Through Hypnotic Dirge Records

Harrow, an excellent and underrated band from Victoria, BC will be re-releasing ...

Disques de Lapin Announces a Free Download of The First Single From The Wild Belarusian Band Drwiwy’s Upcoming Album

Here’s a free single from the upcoming Lapin release Cyrk Biezzahanny by the ...

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The Whip Angels’ “Mistresses of Theology” Is a Guide to Sex, Death, and Mythology

Jenna Kraus has been crafting lo-fi audio experiments as the Whip Angels since 2012. After an initial stint on the now-defunct Music Ruins Lives label, she’s since self-released two albums and a handful of singles and EPs. Kraus has used this sonic platform as a means to explore a variety of philosophical topics, from sexuality, […]

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Sindre Bjerga & Micromelancolié’s “Invisible Paths” Works to Evoke Something Undefinable

This release is darkly haunting, beautifully aimless, and full of emptiness.  The sound is rich with ambient hums like distant generators, machines in other rooms, traffic heard from deep below the surface, and the hiss of old cassette—that raw analogue sibilance that somehow emotionally taps into a feeling of space.  Among the field-recording hum and […]

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Karnnos’s “Dream Continent” Is a Morose yet Comfortable Cocoon that You Won’t Want to Leave

It’s a good thing when something defies classification. Dream Continent from Portuguese band Karnnos was yet another time the content of a CD differed drastically from the prejudices I had from the cover art and liner notes. The album cover is fairly nondescript: a swirl of soothing earth tones overlaid onto an ancient astronomical diagram […]

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Rediscover Mordancy Through Plutonium’s “Born Again Misanthrope”

It’s been five irradiated years since Sweden’s ‘Mr. J.‘ dropped his last full-length, 2011’s choking Devilmentertainment, itself made up of recordings from as early as 2008. While fans may have had their impatience soothed by an interim retrospective EP, it’s no replacement for the real deal. Mr. J. Carlsson, the brains behind Plutonium, has clearly […]

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Im Namen des Volkes – Aus den Anti-Imperialistischen Tagebüchern

While it was perhaps justifiable to approach the EBM/coldwave/synthwave revival of a few years ago with suspicion, seeing as much of it seemed to consist of raking up a lot of substandard seven-inches and adding little or nothing to the existing canon, there’s no denying some felt satisfaction (not to mention vindication) in seeing new […]

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Kevin Hufnagel – Kleines Biest

For some, context sometimes can give clarity to abstract artworks by giving the listener/viewer a narrative to understand a framework of tonal patterns that otherwise wouldn’t stand out from the massive outpouring of experimental work being created in copious amounts all over the globe.  For others (including this reviewer), context can set expectations or biases […]

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The Living Beasts: Broaching Nekrasov’s Hermetic Realm

.:.THE LIVING BEASTS.:. Broaching Nekrasov’s Hermetic Realm by Mat Blackwell ___ Interviewing Nekrasov can be a hit or miss affair: He can be funny, scornful, self-loathing, or self-righteous depending on his mood, sometimes moving from one extreme to the other in the time it takes to finish a sentence, and he takes absolutely no shit. […]

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Death Lets Darkness Speak: An Interview with Teloch

.:.DEATH LETS DARKNESS SPEAK.:. An Interview with Teloch by Jonathan R. ___ Taken from the Enochian language, the term ‘Teloch’ means nothing short of ‘death’—a fitting yet generic title for the Finnish black metal band. Earlier this year, they released a strong second album titled Thus Darkness Spake, crafting a worthy successor to their debut, […]

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Mätisse Displays Experimental Cut-and-Paste Verve on “Kairos”

There comes a point, I think, where experimentalism can work against itself.  It’s a point where the creative process overtakes the creative product; where the how becomes more important than the what.  A prime example of this, for me, is the artwork of Jackson Pollock, which I’ve always struggled to comprehend in any way beyond […]

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Enslaved’s Slow-Burn Evolution Is Resulting in Some of Their Most Solid Material on “In Times”

Enslaved have pulled off a seemingly impossible double-feat with their career. Not only have they managed to keep up with consistent quality well over a decade after most bands would have met their expiration date, they also continuously reinvented themselves while they were at it. With every Enslaved record, you could count on them not […]

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