First Look: Jason Walton (Ex-Agalloch) Finds New Life With His Latest Project, Snares of Sixes

Even only at four tracks, it is not surprising that it took Jason Walton five years to make this first Snares of Sixes album. It’s not even because of his ...


Organic Mechanic: An Interview with Kinder Aus Asbest

.:.ORGANIC MECHANIC.:. An Interview with Kinder Aus Asbest by Nordr Sunn ___ Kinder Aus Asbest is a man of many faces, mainly Erik Söderström, but his discography spans over ten ...


You Lie There Silent: An Interview with Leprous

.:.DEVIL IN THE BACKDROP.:. An Interview with Leprous by Conor Fynes ___ Leprous is arguably the most consistently vibrant and innovative band in progressive metal today. From their 2009 breakthrough ...

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Fronte Nordico Presents Ritual Front ‘Ewiges Feuer’ on Vinyl Plus

Fronte Nordico is proud to present its compilation of one of the ...

New Vinyl Releases on Urashima: Merzbow, Hal Hutchinson, Mortal Vision, and Crash At Every Speed

_________________ Mortal Vision  – Nacht Musik  LP Japanese noise legend Hiroshi Hasegawa ...

Sacred Bones for Standing Rock: Pay What You Can on All Releases

Sacred Bones, one of the most lauded and influential indie labels around, ...

Anima Arctica to Release the Collected Demos of Key: ‘Birch Skeletons, Skin Lanterns & Lake of Stars’

The collected demos of Key will be released in digipack-CD format on ...

Death in June: ‘Free Tibet’ Gets a Proper Release, ‘The World That Summer’ on Red Vinyl, and ‘Burial’ Available on Blue Vinyl

‘Burial‘, the sound of a young group, with so much potential, collapsing ...

Gospels of the Gash: Annihilvs Announces Rebranding Effort, New Releases & Shirts, and More

Since the late nineties, Annihilvs has been a necessary staple of America’s ...

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Hidden Hierarchies Showcases Digital Alchemical Potential on Their Self-Titled Debut EP

In their bio, Canadian duo Hidden Hierarchies state that they “engage in multivariate digital alchemy.”  Quite a poetic and evocative turn of phrase; one begins to imagine the possibilities.  What it really means, in this case, is a mixture of Ethan Moseley‘s minimal rough-edged industrial noise, and Jeye Daye‘s vocals, which sound something like Curve‘s […]

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Screenslaver’s “The Common Signs”: A Ten-Minute Jackson Pollock

Challenge: Write three hundred words describing ten minutes of experimental sound stretched across four tracks. Congratulations, that’s fifteen words right there, but what to say next? Fortunately, even at just ten minutes, Screenslaver’s latest release still has more than enough meat to work with. Just a single listen to this EP will reveal that Edward […]

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Todd Anderson-Kunert’s “When There Is Nothing Left to Say” Finds Consciousness in the Unsilent

Until this album, I was of the firm opinion that I hate those experimental albums where they use super-high-frequency tones.  I am a huge fan of Otomo Yoshihide, for instance; yet, despite this deep and abiding love, I can barely listen to those albums of his that utilise the frequent application of super-high sine waves. […]

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Iceland’s Burgeoning Black Metal Culture Continues to Shine Brilliantly with Zhrine’s “Unortheta”

Even thirty years into its existence, black metal has managed to remain incredibly fresh and relevant. It could be that the manifest the first-wavers started with was so original that it offered decades worth of elaboration. Maybe it’s the fact that its core tenets are timeless; there is always going to be a reason to […]

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Aube Grise’s “Mauvais Augure” Echoes a Sophistication Beyond Their Ambient Black Metal Appeal

Distant Voices continues to be one of the most resolutely underground labels that I have ever come across. Every Distant Voices release has been given a strictly limited run, never topping a hundred hand-numbered copies. It is a purposefully alienating philosophy that proves no less than perfect for their black ambient and DSBM roster—all projects […]

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Exclusive: ‘Treasures of Treachery’, the New Video from While Angels Watch

For many people, their first exposure to the music of While Angels Watch, the project of London based musician Dev, came in 2002 with the release of Dark Age on the French label Cynfeirdd. However, their story is much longer than that, Dev having been involved in the post-punk scene back as far back as the early eighties. 2016 […]

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Follow Colombia’s Cóndor in Their Search for the Holy Grail of Death-Doom Metal on “Sangreal”

I’ve been reviewing albums on and off for several years now. In that time, Cóndor are one of the few bands I have witnessed (and written about) every stage of their existence. Back in 2013 I was approached by the band to review their debut, Nadia. I’ve always held a soft spot for death-doom, and […]

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Live Report: Celebrating 30 Years of Neurosis with Earth at KOKO London

November 7, 2016 | London, UK | KOKO London Written & photographed by Ben Manzella (More Than Flashing Lights & Sound) ______ “Walking amongst the stones from the sky, feeling their rhythm wash over me” As I mentioned in my live report on the Mono, Alcest, & Syndrome tour from Munich; Europe can have this mystical […]

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Exclusive: Premiering ‘The Fyre-Bough’ from the Debut Album by Wolcensmen

As those in the northern hemisphere creep from the final harvest of Samhain to the longest night of Yule, what better accompaniment could we ask than a lyrical and inspiriting work that draws on the pagan traditions of northern Europe? Songs from the Fyrgen, the debut album from Wolcensmen, is that perfect accompaniment. Wolcensmen is the heathen folk project […]

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Rapoon – Wanderlust

During the cold and eerie autumn season, the best thing that could happen is a record which could easily transform bad weather and dark emotions into something dreamy and wonderful. Rapoon is a fine example of this dreamy atmosphere, and its new record, Wanderlust, is the biggest gift for anyone who wants to participate in […]

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