Exclusive! A New Track and Video for Kalpamantra’s ‘The Echoing Black’

2016 marks the fifth year that Kalpamantra has released a mammoth compilation with a track list that reads like a who’s who of dark ambient artists. The Echoing Black is ...

Playground Theory 2015 Photo III Main Page

A Never-Empty Picture: An Interview with Playground Theory

.:.A NEVER-EMPTY PICTURE.:. An Interview with Playground Theory by Christos Doukakis ___ Playground Theory is one of the best electronic indie-pop bands in Greece for the time being. Having released ...

Egrets on Ergot

Skin to Soul: An Interview with Egrets on Ergot

.:.SKIN TO SOUL.:. An Interview with Egrets on Ergot by Christos Doukakis ___ Do you want to know more about a newly formed band playing idiosyncratic post-punk with an experimental ...

News Ingathering


Reverse Alignment: Upcoming Releases From Hoarfrost & Sky Burial

Hoarfrost – Anima Mundi Anima Mundi – the world soul. Sometimes interpreted ...

Call for Submissions :: Music of the Urban Experience

Many of us live both confined and liberated within the world of ...

Coming Soon From A Year In The Country: The Quietened Bunker

The Quietened Bunker is an exploration of the abandoned and/or decomissioned Cold ...

Announcing Vukari – ‘Divination’ CD Set for Pre-Order With an August 1st Release Looming…

With such an impressive and emotive body of work behind them in ...

Coming Soon from House of Mythology: ‘Create Christ, Sailor Boy’ by Hypnopazūzu (David Tibet & Youth)

Hypnopazūzu is the duo of none other than the legendary Youth (Killing ...

New and Recent Releases by Der Blaue Reiter, Ulvesang , Shibalba & Phurpa, Vow Of Thorns & Musk Ox

Over the years, Der Blaue Reiter has become a household name within ...

Just Harvested

Alex York Ossein Rind Crop

Alex York’s Debut, “Ossein Rind,” Is Battling an Indifferent Universe with Industrial Noise

Ossein Rind, the debut full-length cassette from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky musician Alex York, is a methodic listen, unfolding over nearly forty minutes. Described as “a well-realized walk,” the cassette carries an ambulatory feel—both somnambulant and cinematic—beginning on “Morning Hammer Shock” with gurgling white noise before funneling into dusty found sounds and modern instrumentation. The source material […]

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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Vision Libertine The Hangman's Triad Crop

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – [Vision:Libertine]: The Hangman’s Triad

Tomas Pettersson left Archon Satani to form Ordo Equilibrio over twenty years ago, changing the name to Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio when joined by Rose-Marie Larsen. Until Songs 4 Hate & Devotion in 2010, they were releasing albums at a steady pace, consistently developing their pop/neofolk hybrid sound. Although there have been a handful of smaller […]

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Turning Virtue A Temporary Human Experience Crop

At First an Impressively Eclectic Debut, Turning Virtue’s “A Temporary Human Experience” Ultimately Gets in Its Own Way

In my own way, I felt relieved when I read other reviews of Turning Virtue‘s A Temporary Human Experience likened the album to current-era Anathema. Although I haven’t connected as much with the ‘new lease on life’ optimism that Anathema pioneered with 2010’s We’re Here Because We’re Here as I did with the bitter gloom […]

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Crestfallen Chamber Works Crop

Crestfallen – Chamber Works

Classicism and Romanticism form a duality in our culture that is generally invisible to us in our mundane lives; yet, this duality still exerts a tremendous impact on everything that we do. Any time that we find ourselves divided between the desires of the heart or the understanding of the mind, our final decision is […]

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Antikatechon Woe is the Reward Crop

Antikatechon – Woe Is the Reward

Italy and Poland are both home bases for a number of interesting musicians working in the genres of noise, neofolk, and electroacoustic music. It’s encouraging to see an Italian artist’s material released through a Polish label, as if the two countries might possibly form an axis of avant-garde music-making. Davide del Col‘s Antikatechon has been […]

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Wumpscut Wuterich Crop

The Dark Pop / EBM Hybrid that Is ‘Wüterich’ Is Ushering :Wumpscut: into New Yet Familiar Territory

:Wumpscut: critics tend to fall into two distinct camps: those who praise naïvely but critically misunderstand obvious flaws, and those who can do nothing else but look over their shoulders disdainfully and wetly express their wish that Rudy Ratzinger, :Wumpscut:’s sole member, would return to his so-called glories of old. Those grisly millstone glories broadly […]

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Numinous Numinous Crop

Numinous’s Debut on Northern Heritage Swallows the Light and the Dark Indiscriminately

“Numinous” means “having a strong religious or spiritual quality.” It is the definition of this word which is stated as being the basis of all music produced by the band using it as their title. As heard on their sole and self-titled full-length album, released back in 2011 on Northern Heritage Records, the compositions crafted […]

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Somaticae Electricite Crop

Somaticae’s “Electricité” Writhes with Malevolent Energy and Potential

French left-field electronics label In Paradisum operates under the maxim ‘sufficient unto the night is the evil thereof’, and while Electricité isn’t quite as brooding and nocturnal as one would expect (in spite of its rows of—possibly infant—graves that adorn the bright cover), it is certainly introspective and capable of a cutting violence, if only […]

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Stellar Master Elite Eternalism The Psychospherical Chapter Crop

Stellar Master Elite’s “Eternalism” Will Take You Far Beyond the Temporal

Black metal fans and musicians alike are wont to dabble in philosophies, sometimes in a way which is simultaneously heavy-handed yet superficial, and, much like their progressive brethren, utilise them as a kind of nervous system of ideas laid over the musical skeleton designed to keep the mind pumping along with the fist. While German […]

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The Culling will Continue until Morale Improves: Why Turkey’s Totalitarian Administration must be Vanquished

Teachers are the one and only people who save nations. – The state will not be constituted with the Sultan, it will be constituted without him, against him and despite him. – Mustafa Kemal Atatürk The hydra-headed Recep Tayyip Erdoğan continues to go from strength to strength. The news that, on Friday evening, the military […]

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