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“Free as Dead” Is a Horror Film Centered Between “Begotten” and “Beauty and the Beast”

[*]This article also contains a review of the film’s original soundtrack, which is available separately from Lighten Up Sounds. Romain Perrot (Vomir) and Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture) have only been ...


Exclusive! Premiering Two Tracks from Beyond Enclosure’s “Dungeon of Total Void”

Beyond Enclosure is the duo of Samantha Diabolik and Andre Coelho, of the sadly defunct Sektor 304, and their first album together Dungeon of Total Void will be released tomorrow on painful sounds stalwart Malignant ...


Giveaway! Win a Copy of ‘Tunes for a Twilight, Tears for a Lifetime’ by Of the Wand And the Moon

It’s been a good year for fans of Of the Wand and the Moon and Kim Larsen. While we might still be waiting for a new album, 2016 did see the release ...

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Meat Beat Manifesto, Clock DVA and The Cocks Set Live Dates Around ‘Cold Waves’ Appearances

After several years of slowly building Cold Waves as a première North ...

New Folk Single from Mars ‘Farewell to The Sun’ Out Now on La Esencia

After two albums (Sons of Cain and Blood is the Food of ...

New Releases from Killer Bug, Facialmess, Richard Ramirez, Plagues, Unsustainable Social Condition, and New Forces Zine #6

Brand new full-length LP from this Japanoise legend. Killer Bug is the ...

Dan Seagrave’s ‘Migrators’ Opening Reception

Please join Eridanos and Dan Seagrave on September 17th for the Opening ...

Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics and Noise Culture

Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics and Noise Culture is the first book ...

New Material From Negură Bunget and Alcest, Pre-orders are Being Taken Now

Negură Bunget’s new album, “ZI” (‘Day’ or ‘Say in English’) is the ...

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Moonsorrow Jumalten Aika Crop

Moonsorrow – Jumalten aika

Moonsorrow are one of the most consistent bands in metal history. They’ve built their sound around elevating folk metal conventions to a scope rivalling Western classical music, and they’ve managed to do so without skipping a single mark in their career. Everyone will have their favourites (V: Hävitetty holds a particularly special place for me), […]

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Twilight Archive Mood Chain Crop

Twilight Archive’s Long Journey Results in a Chill-Out Mood Chain

You’ve got to admire the perseverance of Chris Mancinelli.  After taking an unsuccessful crack at the Los Angeles music scene in the mid eighties, he got into music management via Gecko Records in California.  From there, he was involved with the Norwegian pop band Borneo Express, worked with Osamu Kitajima and Apollon Records in Japan, […]

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Swans Banner

SWANS North American & European Tour Dates

In promotion of Swans‘ latest full-length album, The Glowing Man, which saw the light of day this past June – their North American tour will be kicking off this week, alongside Cleveland-based singer-songwriter, Baby Dee. This tour will be starting off in September and extending all the way through November (with Swans headlining solo) in Europe. This is far […]

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Selvans Lupercalia Crop

Selvans’ “Lupercalia” Is a Celebration of Italic Cults

How a genre is defined is a tiring argument, yet I think it will suffice to say that part of the appeal for black metal is its themes of both nature and mythology. Beyond the stereotypes, these subjects have been a theme for many bands, and Selvans accurately combines them for a style that is somehow […]

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Black Fucking Cancer Black Fucking Cancer Crop

Black Fucking Cancer – Black Fucking Cancer

Normally, when a relatively new act reminds me this much of an established band, I’m pretty quick to dismiss it. Even in a sound like black metal, which purportedly values individuality over the ‘follower’ mindset, the majority of new bands fade into the backwash. Originality makes it easier to stand out in a crowd. Even […]

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Coldworld Autumn Crop

Coldworld Strikes a Solid yet Flawed Balance Between Darkness and Light on “Autumn”

Eight years. It’s insane to think I’ve virtually waited a third of my lifetime for a second Coldworld album. Georg Börner‘s first full-length with this project, Melancholie², arrived at a perfect time in my life. Perfect as in the album scratched a very specific itch; everything else at the time seemed imperfect to the point […]

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JK Flesh Rise Above Crop

Justin Broadrick Gets Robotic in All the Right Ways on JK Flesh’s “Rise Above”

The volume of material that has been written about Justin Broadrick and his multitude of musical projects can no doubt be measured in pure metric tonnage, but there is a reason for this. For almost thirty-five years, he’s been crafting extreme music that has undeniably played a key role in the birth of several genres. […]

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Ekra A Shelter for Stolen Teddybears Crop

Ekra – A Shelter for Stolen Teddybears

The first impressions for this 2014 CD on Looney-Tick Productions suggest that it’s going to be a tiresome instrumental post-rock record, one of the faceless swarm of Explosions in the Sky plagiarists, or watered-down Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The cover art (which is, in itself, quite pleasing) fits, and the track titles (gems like “I […]

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Satori’s Originator Emerges from the Shadows with ‘The Hanging’

Infect by Satori, released in 1993, is one of the best power electronics albums of that era, and criminally underappreciated. Even though it is not an “album” as such, but a compilation of tracks culled from their cassettes of the mid-to-late eighties, it flows like a malevolent river, pulling the listener along to a bleak […]

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Aderlating Hell Follows Crop

Aderlating’s “Hell Follows” Will Paint Your World in the Bleakest Shades of Black

Since their inception in the late 2000s, Aderlating (Eric Eijspaart and Maurice De Jong, who individually make up all or parts of Mowlawner, Gnaw Their Tongues, the newly founded It Only Gets Worse, and a host of others) have released a string of splits, full-lengths, and miscellaneous limited releases that would be more than adequate for […]

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