The Perpetual Nothing: An Interview with Svartidauði

.:.THE PERPETUAL NOTHING.:. An Interview with Svartidauði by Abhik Chakraborty ___ One of the finest scenes to have come up in the world of black metal in the past few ...


Into the Neon Darkness: An Interview with Synthwave Artist Red Marker

.:.INTO THE NEON DARKNESS.:. An Interview with Synthwave Artist Red Marker by Nicholas Diak ___ A veteran of the trance scene, Red Marker is a newly transitioned act to the ...


Sub-Cultural Appropriation: Mainstream Plundering of the Extreme Underground

“Cultural appropriation” has been most often criticized in the context of economically advantaged white people adopting a style deeply rooted in the cultural traditions of economically disadvantaged non-white people. However, ...

News Ingathering


Pre-Order Announcement For ‘Until The Darkness Takes Us’ From Nathan Gray Collective

Reverend Nathan Gray has been in the studio over the last several ...

Trees of Eternity: ‘Hour of the Nightingale’ + Spiritus Mortis: ‘The Year Is One’, Both Available for Pre-order

Svart Records have lots of things going on as the year 2016 ...

Coming Soon from Reverse Alignment: Three Ambient Soundtracks for Your Dreams

Dormant from 2011-2014, but revived in 2015, Reverse Alignment has quickly re-established ...

Coming Soon from Kvitnu:

Ukrainian label Kvitnu, which describes itself as a home for “sound and ideas ...

Heart Beat Ear Drum: A Film About Z’EV

A portrait of the artist and musician Z’EV, known for his punk ...

The Haunted Landscape: British Folklore, Ghosts and Magic

As the days darken the London Fortean Society explores the folklore, ghosts ...

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Sophe Lux and the Mystic – All Are One

A lot of the more passionate and sincere music I’ve heard in the past year has stemmed from distinctly retro influences. Whether you think this is a positive or negative comment on modern music, I leave it up to you to decide. Whatever the case, there are so many aesthetics from bygone decades that it […]

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Wappenbund / Erdschleife – Split

Since 1999, Sven Bussler‘s Wappenbund project has been making harsh martial industrial fused with power electronics. This split release puts four tracks by Wappenbund alongside a single long track by Erdschleife, for whom this appears to be their debut release. Erdschleife’s œEin flammendes Schwert zur Rechten Hand€ is a twenty-minute slab of ambient industrial. Bursts […]

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Dirk Serries and Chihei Hatakeyama Craft an Arctic of the Mind on “The Storm of Silence”

There are exactly 9,442 miles between Brussels and Tokyo, and while Dirk Serries has described his collaboration with Chihei Hatakeyama as “spontaneous and fast,” the distance between the two artists is tangible on The Storm of Silence.  That’s by no means a negative criticism.  While method doesn’t always impact result, The Storm of Silence is […]

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Starving Insect’s “The Great Nothing” Is a Nihilistic Doomcore Mantra that Embraces the Void

The Great Nothing, the cleverly titled debut album from Starving Insect, got me thinking about nihilism.  Defined as the belief that life is meaningless, nihilism rejects morality and embraces the absence of purpose or values.  Owing to a vocal sample on “IDDQD” where the speaker declares “I feel nothing, fucking nothing at all,” combined with […]

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Croatian Amor’s “Love Means Taking Action” Imposes Its Own Aesthetic Order

Something subtle but strange happens on the opening track of Croatian Amor‘s Love Means Taking Action. After a minute and five seconds of a woman singing sweetly of stars and angels, her voice stops abruptly and breathy reverb drops in. It sounds like an accident—an error in editing. The voice resumes, accompanied by the breathy […]

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Stilla – Skuggflock

Cascadian black metal, for all of its praise and criticism, has managed to continue growing and expanding, now enjoying a sound and feel almost entirely different from the blueprint that acts like Agalloch and Wolves in the Throne Room laid out through its history. Bands such as Panopticon, Nechochwen, Saor, and Alda continue to push […]

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Hostage Pageant – Barren Terminals

Though active and wonderfully prolific over the course of the last six years, until Barren Terminals, Hostage Pageant had not released a full-length LP on vinyl. It’s understandable, as vinyl can often provide a slight distortion to bass sounds, frequencies exceedingly crucial in the scope of Shane Church’s work as Hostage Pageant. I received Barren […]

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Mist of Misery – Absence

There is a beauty in melancholy which, when expressed through music that mirrors its attributes, can be truly mesmerizing. Mist of Misery is all about this dark beauty; they are not trying to create black metal that is frightening, demonic, or anything of the sort. This is romantic; it is black capes and candles and […]

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Exclusive: Premiering the Video “Cancer Maiden” from Steel Hook Prostheses

The Texan duo Steel Hook Prostheses have been creating their distinctive sonic maelström for fifteen years and their latest release serves as a reminder of why they continue to be one of the most formidable outfits in American death industrial. Their new album Calm Morbidity, is due out on Malignant Records at the end of the month, promising […]

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Phragments Offers up an Infernal Soundtrack with “All Towers Must Fall”

Cinema has long been augmented by soundtrack work. In Amadeus, Mozart’s funeral is elevated to heartrending, tear-jerking heights when backlit by his Requiem Mass in D Minor. The monster Great White from Jaws becomes a truly terrifying menace with the simple addition of a repeated cello riff and some French horns. Film is rife with […]

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