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Steven Severin – Vampyr

Steven Severin, not unlike some of his musical contemporaries has ventured on to compose music for films; along with Graeme Revell (SPK), Brian Williams (Lustmord), Psychic TV with their rhythmically brilliant Mouth of The Night, and Klive and Nigel Humberstone (In the Nursery) who scored Carl Theodor Dreyer‘s The Passion of Joan of Arc. All of these artists have something […]

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Maciek Szymczuk and Slowtion ‎– Ways

Looking for is finding, to meet him go through the green gate… Not to sound like a total art-fag / music snob, but certain criteria have to be present in an artists work,  otherwise I wouldn’t bother to review it, even if it leaves me cold or if it happens to be a release out […]

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Double Feature: Camerata Mediolanense ‎– MDXXX + 99 Altri Perfecti

Since Musica Reservata, their first release in nineteen-ninety-four, Camerata Mediolanense have forged ahead and maintained a sense of artistry and musicianship while staying true to their vision of incorporating seemingly disparate musical genres into their repertoire, from baroque to martial, early music to neofolk and opera, on each release over the years all of these […]

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Nove Code and Erich Zahn and Troy Southgate ‎– Nove Code / Erich Zahn / Troy Southgate

Over the years those familiar with the musical output of Troy Southgate with Seelenlicht, and Horologium would have experienced his lengthy spoken word passages with over perhaps some of the most warm, and dramatic string and timpani arrangements held buoyantly aloft by textures that are at times dense and at others minimal, all of that […]

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Hidden Place

An Italian Spirit: An Interview with Hidden Place

From the short-lived Neofolk project Lupi Gladius comes Hidden Place, an alternative electronic new wave band born in Italy in 2004 and formed by siblings SaraLux and Fabio V., Giampiero Di B., Antonio L. We sat down with them (albeit virtually) to discuss their upcoming release on Calembour Records called ‘Novecento’ (due out on December […]

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Label Spotlight: Wounded Wolf Press

In the history of Heathen Harvest we have always had a focus on supporting small labels as well as new emerging artists who we feel should gain wider recognition for their craft and output, so it is with this thought in mind that an interview was conducted with Atay İlgün. Wounded Wolf is a private press producing […]

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The Beauty of Time Travel: Interview With Thereminist Armen Ra

For those people who are not familiar with Armen Ra or the Theremin you are in for a treat. Being one of the premier Thereminists around he has worked with Current 93 on HoneySuckle Æons, Grinderman, Antony and The Johnsons, and Marc Almond to name a few. So we finally decided to conduct an interview to see […]

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Miro Snejdr ‎– Spitting At Pigeons – SAP

Having maintained a healthy interest in learning how to play musical instruments stemming from his playing of the accordion as a child that fortunately for us extended into his adult years, Miro has nurtured this interest in music by never being complacent doing just one thing, and more recently has decided to take up the piano, […]

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The Tactical Virtues of Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honor : The Jack Donovan Interview

While many books have been written on how men can be more sensitive and get in touch with their feminine side few if any have tried to define what it means to be a man. After decades of feminist theories about how men should behave Jack Donovans writings on masculinity are refreshingly unapologetic. His latest […]

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MAA – Tuhkankantajat

“This is every man’s journey through cities and valleys toward the great ocean” – from Sydänmaa The trio (now a duo) of MAA already comprises one of the members of Halo Manash, on this first release they are aided by Antti Hyvärinen, Fredrik Löf, Risto-Matti Salo of Pimentola, John Murphy and one of the other […]

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