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Double Feature: Withering of Light – Through The Nightlands Unto The Gates of Dawn + Procession Towards Oblivion

Withering of Light’s Through the Nightlands Unto the Gates of Dawn is a focus on the trajectory of the Sun, in particular that time when Night is darkest, a concept which has various esoteric philosophical connotations. This twenty plus minute track focuses on opening with a baseline structure of a static-like sound, the kind of transmission […]

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Live At The Lodge Of Imploded Love

:Of the Wand and the Moon: – Live at the Lodge of Imploded Love

I am both the best and the worst person to be reviewing this live album from Of the Wand and the Moon. The thing is, I am not a huge fan of this band, which would strike many as a surprise if they were to know me. I simply never really gave them the time of […]

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Plurals – Bugenès Melissae

My first introduction to Plurals was on Glass Crocodile Medicine, the collaborative release with Aidan Baker of Nadja fame, a release that I gave a very positive review. It turns out, that in some cases when people combine their talents, it does not always mean the best way to showcase ones capabilities. An obvious case in point is the J2 collaboration, by Justin […]

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Mister S From whence we Hail Onward! Into the Mystery

Mister S – From whence we Hail — Onward! Into the Mystery

On the 13th of December, 2013, I reviewed Mister S‘ Self-titled release and promised an exploration of the imminent follow-up From whence we Hail – Onward! Into the Mystery‘. I have returned to deliver on that promise: The music style here is a continuation of the self-titled release, with a comparable approach and familiar textures, […]

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Grue Casualty of the Psychic Wars

Grue – Casualty of the Psychic Wars

Casualty of the Psychic Wars by Grue is the second release on Eternal Death that I’ve been asked to review (the first being Bog of the Infidel‘s To Corrupt your Sons and Lust after your Daughters). Most underground labels fail sooner rather than later (I would know, I had one), and the DIY ethic of […]

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Nemorensis – The Lady In the Lake

Through black metal’s divergent history, few styles have remained true to the obscurity of their roots while managing to add something new to a conservative genre. Often new advances (for good or ill) are pushed by extreme divergence (i.e. Alcest, Deafheaven) that can seem at odds with the roots of the music. Still, some of […]

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Justin Walter – Lullabies & Nightmares

Lullabies & Nightmares is the debut solo album of multi-instrumentalist Justin Walter, who also plays the trumpet with the group NOMO. Walter’s trumpet also appears throughout this album, along with various electronic and computer-generated sounds, the kalimba, drums and percussion (performed by Quin Kirchner, also a member of NOMO), and the Electronic Valve Instrument, a hybrid […]

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With Burning Contempt – Red Vision

At first opening a package from the mail to see this release amongst the ranks, I was a bit skeptical of what awaited me. With a name like With Burning Contempt and a logo and art aesthetics commonly associated with death core, I began to wonder if this 2013 EP ” Red Visions” was perhaps […]

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Compactor ‎– Fields of Waste

Explanation of Work Order: Soundtracks to the installation of the same name by Derek Rush, which ran at FigmentNYC from June 8-9, 2013 on Governor’s Island, NY. The floor of a dimly-lit room was covered in electronic debris with 4 separate post-apocalyptic soundscapes playing from different directions. The pieces are 30, 27, 24, and 21 […]

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Die Macht Instinct die Survie Reflection

Die Macht – Instinct de Survie / Reflection

Castellum Stoufenburc re-released Die Macht’s 2004 4-track EP, Instinct de Survie, presenting it as a limited-edition stylized package and augmenting it with additional tracks, plus two collaborations with Waffenruhe. Die Macht falls under a form a martial that is decidedly more ambient, more experimental and more atmospheric. The opening “La Ligne” amounts to a deep […]

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