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Co-owner / Literary and Cultural Administrator / News / Journalist

I have been with Heathen Harvest (in its original incarnation and now) since June of 2006.  I was once the PR Representative for the Webzine but now have decided to focus my time on building Heathen Harvest into a new entity, focused as much on culture, literature and other artistic and social endeavors as it is music.  Where most people specialize in listening to music from a specific genre in the post-industrial spectrum, my tastes include the entirety of it, from the most distasteful and political power electronics and noise to the most beautiful and delicate neoclassical.  Trip hop to Death Industrial and Neofolk, I love it all.  I am a heathen and I struggle with putting my political alignments into words as I learn and evolve as often as any healthy person should.  My favorite authors are Ernst Jünger, Barry Lopez and Joscelyn Godwin, with a nearly obsessive love for poetry by Robinson Jeffers.  A short list of more personal information about me can be found below.

Paddy O’ Sullivan

Co-owner / Public Relations / Promotional Receptionist / Journalist

My duties include receiving and publishing news articles and announcements at Heathen Harvest. If you are looking to have your newsletter or news announcements posted at Heathen Harvest please submit them to me. In edition if you would like to have Heathen Harvest publish a regular newsletter or announcement that you produce then please contact me for details on how to sign up Heathen Harvest. If you have comments on a news story or you would like to submit a correction I am your man.


Interviews administrator / General administrator / Journalist

I am Ankit from India, a budding journalist, extreme music fanatic and art enthusiast. I also host the only extreme metal radio show from India, called as ”Infernal Dominion” which is aired on Brutal Existence Radio, USA.

My favorite styles of music are death, black, doom metal and dark ambient, ritual ambient and some noise/power electronics in the non-metal domain.

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A Scotsman, I came across Heathen Harvest just as I was preparing to finish university, whereupon it became a place of refuge from having to face a job market whose prospects for a student of the humanities can perhaps best be described as ‘dystopian’. I was born on the 3rd of December 1990, which, in a cute bit of synchronicity, is a birthday I share with Ozzy Osbourne. To me, heavy metal is not music so much as an alternative to protein as nourishment. I’m a nerd who defies a few of the usual negative stereotypes about nerds and confirms most of the others. I believe criticism is only of value to a reader if one is able to gauge their own tastes against those of the critic, so with that in mind: my favourite album is “The Perfect Element, Pt. 1″ by Pain of Salvation, my favourite movie is “Blade Runner”, and my favourite novels are “Moby-Dick”, Dan Simmons’ “The Hyperion Cantos”, and Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson’s “The Illuminatus! Trilogy”.


Artist working within the realms of Ethereal, Dark, and Ritual ambient genres. Musician (Melankolia, James the Lesser), Owner of Nine Gates Records, writer, photographer, and all around dirty bastard.  The name means nothing, the work means everything…

Cody Drasser

Cody Drasser is a visual artist, musician and owner of the Peacock Window Recordings imprint. He has been passionately listening to and making music for over 25 years, focusing mostly on the death metal and ambient/experimental/noise genres. He is a founding member and guitarist of the NY death metal group Afterbirth, one of the originators of the brutal death metal style from the early 1990’s; their classic demo (1994) was re-released by Pathos Productions in late 2013. Cody releases ambient solo material under his own name and, along with Ben Roe Jr., creates droning noisescapes in the group Caulbearer. Cody’s visual artwork has been shown in numerous galleries in the NY area and graces private art collections. His art and graphic design has been featured on many demo/album covers. Beyond music and art, Cody has also devoted most of the last decade to studying and instructing yoga. He lives in Long Island, NY with his wife and their parrot Zydeco.


I’m a cyber-security student from Ohio. I enjoy collecting media (particularly old photos), consuming said media, and tinkering with electronics. I spend most of my time parsing online forums and sleeping. I feel horribly new to the experimental scene. My first contact with local DIYers was going to a 2011 harsh noise wall show without any prior knowledge of noise as an artform. My taste in music changes rather frequently. For now, I’m into black metal, harsh noise, hardcore, sludge, screamo, modern classical, antique folk, and jpop (whoops). I’ve recently been focusing on ambient, minimal techno and IDM. The handle Custom was developed after clicking random article on Wikipedia.

HD Atkinson

HD Atkinson lives in Western Canada, where he divides his time between work, writing, playing death metal and drinking with his roommates.

Ian Campbell

Based in southern British Columbia, I am a musician and writer who is always in search of something greater than day-to-day life.  I enjoy things like archaic audio technology, a broad spectrum of literature, walking through forests, consuming fine alcoholic substances with like minded comrades and ruminating on the surely approaching “end times.” I also run the “Shadow of the Stone” record label in hopes of lending support to my local musical community. I hope to be able to share some of my passions through this writing opportunity and perhaps help others down their own pathway in some small way.

Maher. S

Maher Sagrillo is a game designer and visual artist from Kansas currently residing in the Orlando area. He has strong passions for games, metal, philosophy, and spiritualism.



I grew up in a household of music junkies, remembering in my youth always being subjected, to what is today a major musical influence, of the music of 1980s new wave. I’m a musician, writer, and political scientist major and have a fond attraction to the dark arts in music. Introverted and borderline insane military parent kid who spent a lot of time in the back woods of the Midwest surrounded by decay and religious nut jobs. I’m a huge fan of black metal, darkwave, industrial/drone, neofolk and doom metal.



While nearly endlessly positive and upbeat, I also unfortunately tend to be misanthropic.  I’m a father, musician, aural masochist, and DIY enthusiast.


I’m a shitkicker and a thief, and I want to be famous.

Patrick Bertlein


I do not know why I am here, nor is this of any concern. I am simply here, and being here I shall be here, not else where, for that would not be where I am at. Where I am at leads I to many paths, and I will walk those paths as long as they are necessary. I am merely I, which is both a grandiose concept and an inconsequential myopic voice in this vast abyss. I accept this paradox.

Raul .A

Over the years Raul A. has been actively involved in the Post-Industrial sub-culture as an event DJ and promoter for numerous shows in New York City. His written work has appeared in Judas Kiss, Aversion Online, Not Like Most, and in promotional material for Annihilvs and Tesco USA.  He is the Technical Director of the Church of Satan‘s official radio network, Radio Free Satan, and the producer of Chaos Sedated, one of the longest running Post-Industrial online radio programs. He currently resides in San Diego, CA.

Rita Cipriano


Rita Cipriano is a bookworm, a bohemian writer, a wine connoisseur. With a passion for all forms of art, music has always been a big part of her life. She has been working as a music reporter for 5 years, in different Portuguese webzines, and she is currently living in Lisbon – city, home, muse.

S. Hache

With one boot in the evil-as-fuck metal camp and the other in the militant, esoteric neofolk camp I have an interesting time juggling these passions of mine. I’ve been marching to the beat my own drum (stubbornly, foolishly) since I can remember. As a rabid music fan, I realized early on that there is a whole world beyond this mundane daily existence, and it has been a source of sanity and trouble ever since. Currently I am attempting to infiltrate the status quo in the free world, and take it down from the inside out, or just establish myself as king – whichever comes first. In the meantime, I pretend to myself to be an occultist, and when I’m not fooling around with that I create music in the seconds of free time I have per day. Writing has always been something of an innate talent and I’m happy to be exercising this muscle again. Over and out!


S. L. Weatherford: Cincinnatian, Trouble-maker, Over-achiever, Tinkerer, Musician, Instinctive, Irish/English/Cherokee, Defiant. Fuck the fascists, Fuck the anti-fascists, Fuck the misanthropes.


They call me Skarsnik, a crowkin, a wanderer, a seeker and an oath sworn trickster. For a long time I’ve wandered the northern parts of Scandinavia searching for the magic that the cityheads lost when they embraced the machine. I hail from the mountain of rock and clay that towers above the beautiful lake Siljan but have since wandered throughout Sweden in search for knowledge and strength. With a crafty mind and a soul that have always been more bird then man I embrace my wild heart in the woodland suburbs of the capital of Sweden. Even though I long for the freedom of the mountains where I was born the machine needs to be destroyed and who else but a scavenger can last in this wreck of life we call civilisation. The call is always there, the wild heart is burning bright and my oath to the horned king is strong. A barbarian trapped in the maze of civilised men, a trickster piping doom to the fools in the city, a teller of tales long since forgotten. One day I will return, one day I will be reshaped and hopefully this misshapen shape of man will be returned to the lords of the unknown.



An extreme music photographer/writer/restless spirit based in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. I have been capturing the essence of live music from rising artists of the underground since 2006, and also possess a driven amount of passion for documenting music and travel-related narratives through written pieces. I am eternal devoted to art, creative expression and the music I love (black/death/doom/post-punk/martial industrial/neofolk in particular). Expression through words and visions are everything. I am a previous writer for Cvlt Nation, have published various photographic works in Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance, Pit Magazine and have networked with a variety of labels and promoters across the U.S. I believe everything in life should be taken and executed headstrong, and readers shall receive no less in my contributions.


I have written for various websites on Noise and experimental music since 2009. I have written for Judas Kiss and Heathen Harvest in both forms mostly reviewing noise and power electronics recordings. My tastes are centred around Noise; a genre that continues to fascinate me as I continue to find out more about it. I have a particular obsession for the work of Rozz Williams, particularly his Premature Ejaculation recordings.

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