Despite being a digital ‘zine, Heathen Harvest shares a belief with artists like The Red King and publications like Hex Magazine whom believe that the culture and music found within the Post-industrial world needs to expand and support itself through the basic structures of community.  We personally feel that a sense of community has long been lost and its importance to the growth and well-being of the Heathen and post-industrial cultures underestimated.

Thus, in this currently meager section, you will find links to information on communities that may be in your area, as well as to online resources to help you meet others like yourself in your area.  We can only point you in the right direction.  A movement to create communities world-wide can only be accomplished on the backs of individuals outside of the digital spectrum.

To start, you can feel free to venture to the Heathen Hideout forums to discuss and discover more about music, literature, art, politics and absolutely anything else related or unrelated.

Like our webzine, you can be sure the forums are censorship free. Any opinions are welcome. We treat all views with equal importance.

Make your way to the Hideout.

Asatru Folk Assembly

The Rune-Gild

Hex Magazine

Stella Natura

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