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Hirsute Pursuit – Revel in Your Ability to Accessorize My Pleasure

Revel in Your Ability to Accessorize My Pleasure

Revel in Your Ability to Accessorize My Pleasure

Do you like to fuck? Of course you do. Do you like to get your groove on? Sure, why not? Sometimes you just need to do one or the other, and bless their sweaty jockstraps, Hirsute Pursuit will help you do both. At the same time… Wearing leather…

Regardless of your sexual persuasions, Hirsute Pursuit help you fill that very human need to indulge your baser instincts, and sex and music fit as snugly as… well, you get the idea. They should also be thanked for reminding us that sex is fun, and well worth a good chuckle. A band with track titles like ‘The British are Cumming’, ‘Big Time Drawers’, and ‘Bear Down’ clearly recognise that.

Like many, Hirsute Pursuit first came to my attention through their 2012 cover of David Bowie’s ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ with Boyd Rice. Band member Bryin Dall, of course, had already been busy with various projects, including as a member of Thee Majesty with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. Revel in Your Ability to Accessorize My Pleasure is essentially a collection of demos that were collected prior to their debut 2007 release, That Hole Belongs to Me, and is everything that you’d expect it to be: big, sexy, balls to the wall, bear-themed groove music.

Opening track ‘Pleasure Grind’ sets the tone with the modus operandi of the album: slow drum machine grind, bass lines deeper than the pants around your ankles, and lots of spoken word samples (‘You’re here for my pleasure’, ‘Legs up, ankles on my shoulders boy. Time for a fuck’, etc.)

Hirsute Pursuit

Hirsute Pursuit

When I say much of the album uses the same recipe, it’s only a minor criticism, because damnit, the recipe works! It drips with hyper-masculine energy, and it’s downright filthy in all the right ways. The cock worship is blatant and relentless. It has to be said there are tedious moments for a listener with no personal interest in men fucking–’The British are Cumming’, for example, is essentially an eight and a half-minute sample of a guy having an orgasm over a drum loop–but there are enough variations on the theme to keep it interesting. There are loosely experimental tracks too: the moan-ridden soundscape of ‘When He Cums’, and the fantastic acid squelch and deep kick-bass of ‘Rented Porn and You’. The closing track, ‘Every Fiber of Your Being Says, “Thank You, Sir”’, brings loose ambience to what appears to be a dom-themed meditation recording.

If you’ve had even a cursory listen to Hirsute Pursuit’s later material, you’ll know what to expect here. No matter your proclivities in bed, this is good, fun fuck music.


Track List:

01) My Pleasure Grind
02) Suck It
03) Fucking Skype
04) When He Cums
05) The British are Cumming
06) Rented Porn and You
07) Ride ‘Em Cowboy
08) Big Time Drawers
09) Bear Down
10) Every Fiber of Your Being Says, “Thank You, Sir”

Rating: 7/10
Written by: David Tonkin
Label: Old Europa Cafe (Italy) / OECD179 / Digi-CD