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Exclusive: Premiering "The Hierophant" by Burial Hex + Circulation of Light Remix

The Hierophant

The Hierophant

“The Hierophant”, featured below, is the title track from Burial Hex‘s anticipated forthcoming album on Handmade Birds.  Cerebral, esoteric, and aided by another brilliant violin performance from Kinit Her‘s Troy Schafer, “The Hierophant” has come together as the pinnacle of Burial Hex’s sound.  Both raw and composed, sincere yet veiled, it remains cloaked in mystery while simultaneously being recognizable as the incontrovertible work of Clay Ruby.  Accompanying the track is a remix from fellow Wisconsinite and long-time collaborator Nathaniel Ritter, recording under Circulation of Light.

“The Hierophant”:

“The Hierophant”, Remixed by Circulation of Light:

Clay Ruby

Clay Ruby

From the Label:

Crafting more than eighty releases in less than eight years on storied labels from Cold Spring and Aurora Borealis to Brave Mysteries and Blackest Rainbow, producer Clay Ruby is bringing his Burial Hex project to the end of its prolific cycle–a move that has been intended since the project’s inception. Though Ruby is credited as pioneering the horror electronics subgenre, The Hierophant is a far more nuanced and dark indie effort than the aforementioned genre label would imply. Layers of brooding texture juxtaposed with the Romantic tones of piano pulling from flesh aid in his most turgid and visceral yet enlightened work to date. Preceding only the expansive Final Mysteries collection, the modern classic The Hierophant is the final stand-alone LP from Burial Hex.


Burial Hex Interview Discussing The Hierophant

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