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Legionarii – Disciples of the State

Legionarii - Disciples of the State

Legionarii – Disciples of the State

Unlike many of their contemporaries, martial act Legionarii have chosen to base their latest release, Disciples of the State, on a fictional storyline rather than evoking the martial industrial standard fair of recalling a bygone era. While most martial artists may try to give the impression of a particular political stance, Legionarii instead has created its own:

“…where a unified government which administers the entire planet is arising, and is becoming completely in control of every aspect of humanity – a totalitarian system governed by the Council of Twelve, headquartered in various key cities in the Western hemisphere. The members of the Council are recruited from a secret society, an Order within the very core of The State, which is unknown to the rest of humanity – the assembly of a few mysterious Men, calling themselves ‘The Disciples’. Nothing is known about this inner and highly obscure Order, except that they are the most powerful Men, Mystics and Sorcerers, in human history so far…”

On Disciples of the State, Legionarii has created an overwhelmingly totalitarian sound to go along with the stated story line for the album. The tone is grandiose and rarely gives you room to escape its dark nature. The percussion is consistently epic, providing a powerful mechanism to propel the album forward, and even in its quieter moments, you sense the calm will not last very long.

There is a strong use of string sections and unwavering choral voicing to deepen the overall sound while additional choir voices accent many of the album’s tracks. However, this occasionally blends some of the individual songs together in a way that doesn’t allow them to stand out separately, and I would have preferred to hear a little more varied instrumentation. The tracks do not necessarily lack depth, but there is a common style on Disciples of the State that perhaps becomes omnipresent. Given the album’s theme, perhaps this is by design.

While the backstory to the album is entirely fictional, Legionarii still incorporates plenty of appropriate samples from history and modern times in order to augment their own narrative, and therein lies where the listener can choose to interpret any possible message within the music. I have always found the splicing and placement of these types of spoken word phrases to provide a mystique to any form of industrial music, and Legionarii has struck a good balance, incorporating intriguing passages and timing them just right.

Disciples of the State shows Legionarii to be a well-crafted martial act, and like its sister project, I.R.O.N., they have proven that they are not averse to exploring new avenues, both musically and conceptually.


Track List:

01) Enter The Global Union
02) Ordo Ab Chao
03) The Inner Circle
04) Aristocracy
05) World In Flames
06) The State
07) Blood Of Millions
08) Strength & Power
09) The Titan
10) Dominion (Lux Aeterna)

Rating: 3.5/5
Written by:  K. Holewczynski
Label: Rage in Eden (Poland) / RIE100 / CD
Martial Industrial / Neoclassical