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I.R.O.N. – Re-Forge: Metalized, Mechanized & Upgraded


I.R.O.N.’s second album is a continuation of sorts from the first release, Evolving. It certainly is a companion to that album, but moves quite a bit further away from any martial aspects and delves much more into a rhythmic industrial/electronic style. Perhaps the obvious titling of both albums should be a bit of a tip-off to the diversion and evolution of I.R.O.N., as it is a side project of Legionarii, which is decidedly more neoclassical.

Although you’ll recognize a similar language of sounds on Re-Forge, the album starts to introduce new elements of coarse noise, additional metallic percussion and various electronic sound effects. While the first album contained a quote from the Futurist manifesto, I believe this album has completely moved on to the The Art of Noises (which I noted in my review of Evolving), with its much denser layering and use of a wide range of sounds and samples. This, apparently, is the direction that I.R.O.N. is moving towards:  an attempt to make the resulting tracks even harsher than the first album.

Re-forge is probably taken best as an entire work, as each track works within this sonic theme. There are particular highlights to the album, such as “Titanium Sun“, with its rhythmic electronic sequence line, augmented with scratchy and distorted guitar chords, which appear again on the following track, “Infiltrate the System”, in the form of a stabbing punctuation to the ominous, resonating horn sound.

A slight return to the heroic surfaces on “Troopers” with a choral arrangement, but only after the track starts with factory sounds looping, establishing the base of the track. “Demolition Force” and “Hypercharger” bring a club atmosphere in terms of the drum patterns, guitars and beats per minute.

The album closes with more subdued final tracks, and both provided a fitting end to the cacophony of I.R.O.N.’s style. I’m enjoying this offshoot of Legionarii due to the experimentation that is being taken with classic industrial noise and ultimately combined with a strong use of metallic sounds, guitar and some of the usual symphonic sounds and samples.

Track List:

01) The Industrial Man
02) Titanium Sun
03) Infiltrate the System
04) No Existence
05) Troopers
06) Demolition Force
07) Hypercharger
08) The Machine
09) Singularity – The Final End

Rating: 3.5/5
Written by: K. Holewczynski
Label: Rage in Eden (Poland) /Rage104 / Digi-CD
Martial Industrial / Industrial / Electronic / Rhythmic Industrial