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Die Macht – Instinct de Survie / Reflection

Die Macht Instinct die Survie Reflection

Castellum Stoufenburc re-released Die Macht’s 2004 4-track EP, Instinct de Survie, presenting it as a limited-edition stylized package and augmenting it with additional tracks, plus two collaborations with Waffenruhe.

Die Macht falls under a form a martial that is decidedly more ambient, more experimental and more atmospheric. The opening “La Ligne” amounts to a deep drone in which drums – or even machines – develop to drive the track along. It’s almost a foreboding sound with the tension it creates letting you know something is coming and it’s a massive and dark sonic cloud.

Devoid of vocals, the original EP’s four tracks immerse themselves with some excellent samples and vintage music, combined with bits of traditional organ and brass accents. All the while, there’s the somewhat grainy mix and a deep resonating hum, providing that distant tone reminiscent of many martial industrial acts. Comparisons to several of Arditi’s albums might be in order, although Die Macht’s sound is bit more harsh – not excessively so, but the use of noise and low-fi elements distinguish it on Instinct de Survie.

Die Macht

Die Macht

Die Macht utilizes various samples and works them into the tracks to project the inexhaustible “joy, victory, defeat, death, power, loneliness, suffering and love” that is found throughout history, with an additional tendency to focus on WWII.

The previously unreleased tracks fit perfectly into the original EP, carrying on the sombre and really quite ethereal tendencies that encompass the entire album. While ambient, martial, and neoclassical projects are somewhat similar in vein, I find Die Macht has created a balance between the use of these elements to create an engaging and excellent release.

Two of the tracks receive treatment from Waffenruhe, those being “Reflection I Remix” and “Forgotten Heroes”, of which I think the latter works better of the two and provides the only two tracks featuring actual vocals, aside from any sampled spoken words or speeches. Waffenruhe’s nearly spoken style of “singing” meshes well, with some additional drums mixed in that don’t distract from the ambient nature of the originals.

Although this is a re-release of sorts, the additional material, along with the packaging and postcard, make this a worthwhile release, expanding the original EP to just about 70 minutes of music.

Track List:

01) La Ligne
02) Victory in Blood
03) Ultime Chance
04) In Memoriam
05) Infernal Machinery
06) Nordlichter
07) Reflection I Remix
08) Dresden
09) Forgotten Heroes
10) Future is Past
11) Reflection I

Rating: 4/5
Written by: K. Holewczynski
Label: Castellum Stoufenburc (Germany) / CS 03-13 / CD-R
Modern Classical / Martial Industrial / Ambient