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Budrūs – Canine Vision IX


Slimy silhouettes emerge
from the field choke on mist
They approach your doorsill
They lay their slovenly heads upon it
and they spit on your porch
Budrūs, “My Empty Sky”

I first heard BudrūsCanine Vision IX directly after playing and reviewing the latest Human Larvae album. Actually, it was Human Larvae’s Daniel Burfoot who recommended this record to me. And here I am, several months after Freak Animal Records were kind enough to share this album with me, and I am still excited to listen to it over and over again.



Canine Vision IX takes you on a very strange and difficult-to-endure journey, revealing a concept which I’m not yet certain that I completely understand. It is certainly not your ordinary power electronics record, with generic mumbo jumbo screamed over abrasive and chaotic sound. It feels significantly deeper, far more atmospheric, while still remaining harsh and edgy. And the lyrics themselves… one of the most interesting and visual pieces of writing you can reach in the genre. What’s the most curious about Budrūs is the fact that they are in Lithuanian. If you are not familiar with the country, it adds a great sense of something unknown, foreign, distant; I don’t know why, but perhaps even ritualistic. The booklet provides us with translations, but even if you read and contemplate them, the general feeling still retains a sense of the mysterious and the unknown.

Besides being a lyrical gem, the record is also a musical one. It removes you from your reality and places you in small, grey world, which is neither dark nor depressive, but intense, innervating and pulsating at an ever-quickening pace; just like the heart-beat of a scared animal, just like a glimpse through his eyes. It fills you with discomfort, but introduces you to a new and unknown environment which attracts you because of the mixture of hostility and armistice it’s somehow imposing.

He closes his eyes
The woman takes the oars and pulls them
Towards the path of the Sun
With wooden hands, blind eyes,
lead legs and stone beard.
Budrūs, “Bodies of Sunday”

Canine Vision IX is a silent anger, gall behind a firm occlusion — a bitten tongue, filling your mouth with the sterile, iron taste of blood. A contemplation, with a head bowed down, but with teeth out and ready to choke you to death.

I have always hated guiding my readers by pointing out favorite songs or parts from albums that I’m reviewing, but “Bodies of Sunday”: you simply cannot forget this piece. Even if Budrūs recorded merely this song as the only hint of his existence, it would be enough. Thankfully, he has recorded way more, and I’ll surely be keeping my eyes open for this act. Because, for me, it opened a whole new world — something I’m not so sure I wanted to experience, something that is still puzzling me.

Track List:

01) Šuniška Vizija I / Canine Vision I
02) Pasveikink / Greet Me
03) Nustums Į Audrą / Will Push Into The Storm
04) Stikliniai Krantai / Shores Of Glass
05) Mano Tuščias Dangus / My Empty Sky
06) Aušra Virš Vielų / Daybreak Above Wires
07) Nubusk! / Wake Up!
08) Sekmadienio Kūnai / Bodies Of Sunday
09) Pražydo Žievė / The Bark Has Bloome

Rating: 5/5
Written by: Angel S.
Label: Freak Animal Records (Finland) / FA-CD-075 / CD